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You're absolutely right Nathaniel also touched on as we talk about the audience the way cavities chooses, and I definitely tapped into this early as well. All the way he chooses to for the most part shoot all of the scenes of the play itself. Any performances on the stage for the most part we see from this remove the crowd. Dr. Dart's fair. Yeah, we'll start there and will occasionally cut in. But where we really get into the close ups or get closer to the performance is in the rehearsal process. And for me, it gets at this idea that once that production starts, and that fourth wall goes up once there is an audience there. There is this distance. There is this remove and we view are kept there as well. And this whole idea that wants that walls there somehow we're all kind of protected the performers on the stage. She'd know exactly what they're doing. And it's going to follow a certain script. And when it doesn't how that does change everything for the people in their real lives, but also for the people on stage and then for us as we're in this weird mix as viewers going what actually is going on. And sometimes cavities plays with that. Because we hear people talking about how much they love the play. They love what's happening. Even though they're not actually on script at all. It's kind of a train wreck. Or maybe not kind of it is a train wreck. Yeah. And yet people. They are having their own kind of personal experience with it. And you mentioned it her relationship to Nancy. I'm going to dive into it more with my choice for one of our awards. But there are a lot of second women in this play in some ways, you could say the playwright is a second woman in terms of the consideration. It's the name of lay right Myrtle. It's the name of the play. We have the second woman in the form of the wife of Ben Gonzaga's director character who by the way has had a second woman as well as he recently got out of an affair Nancy is a second woman. But also in the way, she does absolutely represent the younger version of Rowland's. That's an additional woman being thrown into the mix. So there are all these blurred lines between the real world. What we see of it? And this fantasy world of the stage in the play. And did you notice the even her room this hotel? They're all staying she's the star. So she gets to go up to the law, and I was always keenly aware because of cavities camera and the way he shoots that space of how much it fell. Just like a set or just another stage. So even when she's behind closed doors or someone else's up there, and it's supposed to be a personal private moment. And she is no longer on the stage performing it still feels like she is it's all hardwood floors. It's expansive. I think even if you look the same red bar or similar bar. That's on the stage is up in her room. How could she find any relief up there? There is no separation between her as Myrtle, Gordon and her as the character. She's trying to play in these two worlds the world onstage in off. Well, the dialogue among all those different psyches that Rowland's is having and lets us be a part of is why this performance is so striking. I think and I I wanna point two one moment where we see those psyches kind of split apart. And it's in the first third probably when she's in the dressing room. Don't do it the mirrors. Don't do it. Okay. Can I can? I can I have you. Just hold off. Okay. We'll we'll get into it. Then. Awards. We we definitely need to talk about that. Okay. So there is going to be more opening night talk here as we transition into our awards. We're calling them the blue hats name that I discussed on last week show occurred to me after hearing Peter Falk talk about that wonderful blue hat. He wears in a woman under the influence a gift that was given to him by John cavities, just before they started rolling. And it really did influences entire performance just seemed in keeping with this marathon and cavities approach to filmmaking. We have as usual five categories. Best supporting performance best lead performance, our favorite Kesse, veggies moment, which.

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