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Sun come shining through Why are you crying Right Good. Morning everybody how you doing Bleep up big Graham in here, with you on this Thursday morning August second note that, Thursday morning, August second it is exactly seventy five degrees in fourth and market as we speak Don up to eighty seven days wanna be hot and. Muggy again and if you think I'm going to tell you whether or not it's going to rain. Or not forget it Because you just yesterday on I was going to drive down the shore and it was. Porn on the Benjamin Franklin bridge and I want one that gonna driving rain and then it completely. Stopped raining Yes and I'm going to. Go to amateur well yeah for what it's worth it's, not raining now correct I've been told that. Yeah but it could start pouring on, my way Dan shirts whatever their age rain in the forecast but this time of the year. With the hot muggy there's always a rain in the forecast fails thank God Start planning in the, night I can't stand even when they have one. Night. Off I'm really enjoying his pennant race. I, really, am fills her home. For a four game. Stand. Against the Marlins Nick, per, better pitching tonight against Pablo Lopez this is, not the, same as that four game series against. The reds where if you did a little bit of, homework you would have seen the wretched played. Good ball Prior to, that Phil series you can never say that tomorrow Well not recently any, mess total disaster should have never sold that team that year and they won two World. Series at one point that, to it really is mind boggling So annoying the Braves Marlins were rain out so Fills you're still up a, half, a game. In the first place to nationals however did win so they have now close that gap to five games will finish this up because. I, love doing these with? You always have something. Well how. About this nineteen thirty four William. Franks Twirls in Indian club not exactly sure what an Indian club yeah I have no idea what that means night. Any, idea what an Indian? Columbus I don't anyway On this state one thousand nine. Hundred thirty four Can't even read this William Franks twirled in Indian club over his head seventeen thousand two hundred and eighty times in. An hour and get Bob Beamon, in the Olympics that record has never been beat, and no one will ever. Attempt to break it which is good. For, him he's going to have that for eternity well first of all of you, wanted, into a dick sporting goods store and say yeah I'm looking for a nice. Indian club, maybe in in blue. What you need the club I went to guesses one would be. A cricket bat because. They can play, cricket Nydia so maybe that's it or you know obviously nomenclature at the time was not really accurate and it, could? Have been a lacrosse stick today's American game right he turned it over seventeen thousand, times in an hour and out first of all how do you? Even count thinking the same thing There's no filming, breaking into our this is an Indian club okay So. What Taller bullington had bowling pins with really long, necks long, long neck. Bowling pins now that's not. A duckpin you're familiar. With duckpin do you ever go? Duck bowling you don't wanna? Know, bowling yeah it's called. Duck Bono these are down, in Maryland, duct, bowling's huge huge lines around the block to go. Duck. Bowling good what's the best club there to go? For duck bowling? And, Maryland yeah I once did a gig harbor degration I got lost and stop where what I thought was. Bowling alley duck pains are like, bowling pins, but smaller why am? I bothering we'll get rained out this week and I'll go down. Will call. We've will They're twenty inches tall twenty. Eight ounces That way in France, could certainly twirl So that's that man was Twirl one of those sound like a baton where it's the same. Dimension from top to bottom That I guess Master waved it they find interesting And I keep kind of hoping it would. Come back. On the state nineteen thirty eight the dodgers played the, cardinals and the. Baseball's were yellow Okay I dig. That why? Not why? Not. Maybe A solo home run with. The yellow ball. Would count? As two? One Okay Maybe every tenth ball in play is a yellow. Ball I like. That The, the, moneyball theory is going to be like, an NBA, three point contest nineteen forty-three PT one zero. Nine which well you know depending who you talk. To John f. Kennedy he had a courageous moment on PT. One nine and then there's other people say was. Overblown to anti years but this is why I am. Bringing it up Kennedy was so big in this area you. Know being the first Catholic president and all that Why would. You used, to have a PT one zero nine boat Took you on cruises you know out in, the bay in any ocean in that when I was a kid I bugged, my mother for hours to get. A ride on the PT one nine vote and I got it I did the very first time to Beatles. Played at the cavern club and Liverpool Ivester about a year ago. One of the highlights of my life gone to the cavern club. It's amazing nineteen seventy nine and I saw this show Gilda Radner China Night Live was. Such a phenomena and such a huge deal, when it first came. On still is but you then she actually had a Broadway show was really was just, nothing but a bunch of skits that she kinda took from Saturday Night Live, yeah but it was exciting being. In the theater it was because you were part of this wow the experience of Sharon eight live which I'm. Tony they were no one's ever is bigger than the Beatles but. It was big time if you were part of that original cast I never cared about, this record and I always feel like I should Cincinnati red Eric Davis On this became the seven and earliest youngest player to hit thirty home runs and steal, thirty bases in a season can Saco I believe is the first forty forty guy, and I I just don't care it's the. Weirdest thing I I know I shoot it it shows. You this guy's got not only great power but he's really fast on top of. It but it seems like a record net it got to sit down and almost. Make up That's such a baseball record yeah little bit and We'll have to talk to Ricky Ricardo about. This zoos on, this date nineteen Ninety-one that Rick James got arrested not. Too many. People get arrested on. Sexual, torture charges not funny I get it? Now, funny but you're aware Ricky. Was road manager yeah for a couple of years. I've heard some. Of the stories and they're. Wonderful, oh my. God Hey follow. Vince, Quinn on Twitter at its Vince Quyen? Bench, I love working with you. So talented thank you so much for helping out. With the program Program tonight don't forget Friday night And Joe Cochran guys at the, Kosta down there in. Seattle city, nine o'clock finding night my daughter Abe is emceeing is going. To be a fun fun night so hope to see you down there finding nine o'clock Lukasz to and see our city for the, next two. Funny filling is show don't forget my daughter Eva has a quiz every single Thursday ninety seven o'clock. At chicken pizza in south Philly, so drop on. By and say. Hi to her we do that. That would be nice And we'll. Be right back..

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