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Lost every day. You know that's. Not Business as usual and in the UK the. Parliament called Google to come testified about their their ads. Are On this type of content and and so these companies for the first time, these really really big tech companies had to answer like they had to. They couldn't just ignore it. which is what they wanted to do? I think that was like a real. Turning point for getting now is the first time I realized. How deep this? This issue really was I mean it wasn't just the ADS. And how involved in older you get it very much your highlighting the problem you leave the businesses to of come up with a solution and the. Or with then coming to you and saying what do we do about this oh? Yeah, I'm so. We were never really involved in the solution. We were just and we still aren't I. would say we're we're literally just a group of volunteers against an are followers. Pointing out that there is a problem and what's sad is that you know small? Just mom and pop stores shops, little startups in just people trying to do kinda crosshairs of this massive advertising grist dismissive. Ad Tech Gift So. We don't know what the solution is like. We like I'm not the product manager of. Google Edwards like I. Don't know your problems. Business you solve it but we. We know where you could start. So, we've never we've never offered absolutely a technical solution. We've never even offered up A. To be honest with you because. that was something that people started to ask very early on saying okay. What other websites should we not be on? Said well. First of all. We don't have the resources to figure that out. Because obviously anyone can. Make a website and end up in Google's AD network right so there's no way for us to be able to maintain civilised, but. More importantly, we don't feel that it's our role to make those decisions. It's your role as a brand. You have to decide where you're going to appear are not going to appear. If it turns out that the businesses that you've entrusted with your advertising, namely Google facebook have chosen to not care for your brand. Not Treat your brand in A. In a safe way than you ought to take it up with them. That's really your message. At this point, you got to take them. So let's talk a little bit about when it goes wrong, so there are plenty of companies that have had suffered real reputational problems from how they've handled things in his space, Amazon, wayfair Google of all have and I think cloud fair is an example that you've talked about in the past. Can you talk a little bit about what it looks like when he goes.

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