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Welcome back wrangler at no more heroes. Welcome back to well. Soccer radio presented by online dot ag. I thought that was an appropriate song to bring in this segment because to this segment. Let's talk a little bit about The sad passing of a man who in my opinion is the greatest of all time evident. Play the game of football. I'm talking about the now. Sadly the late great diego armando maradona debates will reach pele maradona messi rinaldo. And i'm gonna tell you why i think maradona is and for the foreseeable. Future will be the greatest player ever. So let's start with. Let's start with looking at the man who is probably considered by many to be the his biggest challenger for that title or in fact the title for which maradonna is challenging depending on which side of the fence. You're on of course we're talking about pele pele who had an absolutely storied career as a footballer both with santos and with brazil pele in many respects is sort of the most well known name i think in global football who's now eighty years old Mr pele and happy to say that he's doing fine the winner of three. Whoa cups. Fifty eight sixty two and seventy the winner of five or six zeroes with with santos He did play to the count. The united states and play with the cosmos but the finger always strikes. Me about pele. Is that first of all pele of a different era of football van. Maradona maradonna who burst onto the stage. In nineteen seventy seven As a what a seventeen year old. I think at sixteen. He made his first appearance for argentina. The thing that strikes me. When i compare these two players e is not which one is more talented than the other. Because i mean at this point. It's an embarrassment of riches. These two of the greatest players ever to touchable. I mean that's just fat. But when i look at the era in which pele played and i looked first of all he played in brazil for santos look no disrespect to santos in the in the brasileiro. Brasileiro is a good league but it certainly wasn't a big massive league. It wasn't one of the best leagues in the world. And the fact that they dominated for six years between sixty one and sixty eight. It's really just testament to how dominant within how big of a fish in a small pond as santos were in that league at that time. I it's somewhat akin to the discussion we have about. Psg for example in syria. The thing that makes pele stand out white people pointing finger and say he is. The goat is because of the three world cups he wanted fifty eight sixty two and seventy but the point that i would like to make. Is that for me diego maradona. Who only won one world cup with that. Was tina in eighty six. He went to the finals the next time around with them losing to germany. But if you look at the players that surround pele if you think about the players were all with pele in that world cup team. We're talking about Rivelino gino colossal burto tostao. You know these are some of the greatest players of the era to play the game. Pele was in a loaded team. I would challenge you right now. To tell me how many players will undergo maradona's woke up teams of eighty six and ninety. And i'm telling you right now. You look at that. The support that maradona has those teams was far less. If you look up maradona's success that he had while he was at napoli he took napoli from essentially obscurity okay.

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