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Iran's revolutionary guard a terrorist organization regained jer in all this is blowback global security expert, Joe Seyran Sony on Trump administration plans to redesignate Iran's elite armed forces. He says it's a risky move. That could have widespread implications for US personnel and policy in the Middle East on official State Department officials and outside experts fear that the revolutionary guard maybe act to this by taking action against US forces in the region in Iraq. In Syria announcement expected later today would include sanctions including freezing assets and ban on Americans doing business with the unit. Homeland security secretary Kirsten Nielsen is moving on she and the president are parting ways over the increasing number of migrants crossing into the US at the southern border CBS's major. Garrett on the hot seat for many months. The president almost made this move in December. In addition to the scrutiny she received from President Trump. Nielsen also received bipartisan criticism never mind the wrongful arrest federal judge in Kansas City has ruled the white police officers who took a fifteen year old into custody are entitled to qualified immunity which protects government officials unless there's a clear violation of constitutional rights. They arrested fifteen year old Tyree bell who's black a mile from the spot where three other teens were seen with a gun. He looked like one of them with dreadlocks once police review, the dash Cam video bell was freed his family will appeal. It's more convenient for moms and dads. But it may be more dangerous for kids to go for sick visits. Online new study in the journal pediatrics. Find those children are far more likely to be prescribed antibiotics then kids who are taken to a clinic or doctor's office, the authors found four out of ten so-called telemedicine doctors failed to meet guidelines on prescribing. Abiotic for one thing, you can't take throat swab remotely now this doesn't just mean necessary drug bills for parents it adds to the growing global problem of antibiotic resistance. Vicki Barker CBS, news comes to flying CBS's Steve case and says the numbers tell the story we'll look at US airlines. Researchers at Wichita state university who've crunched the numbers on on time performance and other stats put delta on top jet. Blue number two, south west in third. Frontier. Airlines was at the bottom just behind American Airlines cracking down on social.

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