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Confederate flag and making nazi salutes louis wally march with a german flag sure must like flags to a new video from last year one is three years ago but show students who are still in the school. Extra police were on hand. The district board meeting as parent teachers voiced frustration at not being told earlier about what was going on. You weren't informed but the initial water polo team being disciplined. The school's principal apologized at the board meeting. We are sorry that investigation transparency with the pacific community fell drastically short school principal says his transparency fell short see what i'm saying. I'm i'm all about the words in retrospect in retrospect our judgment was wrong and we take full responsibility for that and he says there will be more transparency with the investigation teachers are demanding. They be part of changing the current school culture because of the publicity some students including some not even involved in the videos. Have i'm getting death threats and the great circle of love continues. George mason university inadvertently warned students about an armed person on campus this week. There is no threat the northern virginia school quickly said in a follow up message. The message appeared on the school's official count. A person with a weapon is on the fairfax campus into considered dangerous. Take shelter safe location and locked blocked door. Defend yourself if necessary avoid campus unquote. The tweet was deleted. The new tweet five minutes later said there is no emergency the school campus wide e mail saying it was only a test. The school safety director apologized for the false alarm said a vendor. The university works with accidentally sent the alert. The message was sent inadvertently by one of the universities emergency notification system software vendors. It was not initiated by anyone on our campus said david.

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