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Cole Hamels to give them a shot and while Hamels does last five innings allowing just two runs the god never get over the hump losing to the national seven five eleven any good results bad results his you're really just trying to make sure that you know what I'm able to do is is go out there just be competitive and and obviously try to keep this to do this game and and our team within reason of trying to win a ballgame now but an actress Tyler chat with takes the loss allowing both runs in the top of the eleventh inning the cubs actually tying the game up three times including in the eighth and a two run Homer from house for work Addison Russell Victor Kerry teeny also leaving the yard the cardinals beat the Rockies eleven to four errors on a beach Milwaukee five just to see the cubs now two and a half games behind the cardinals in the National League central the brewers four and a half games back and I'm nexus years against the Mets in New York starting on Tuesday thank you all for the tour championship and Rory McElroy issue ten eighteen under week any wins by four strokes Xander shop play comes in second well just in time servers captive finished tied for third at thirteen under to the NFL the dolphins reliefs safety T. J. McDonald who played fourteen games last year total into three interceptions receiver Josh Gordon take it off the pictured patriots injured list receiver Antonio brown loses his second grievance over his helmet issue is the will return to practice for the raiders in Texas for Texans running back Lamar Miller has a twenty CL he will miss the upcoming season I know how the bears Kevin Jackson newsradio seven eighty one of five point nine FM WBBM news time eighteen traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by can't water here's John sundress general watching things very closely right now on the Stevenson we've got an issue out bound right before the Dan Ryan.

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