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Boston's news radio's too gorgeous morning in Boston 65 degrees and clear skies. It is 9 25, and we're five minutes away from getting down to business on Wall Street this morning, and it's jobs, Jobs jobs. That is the talk of the street and what's find out what's happening on the market prior to the opening off the best of the opening bell, let's check in with W. P. Z's financial editor Dave Caruso. What are you seeing, Dave? Good morning. You're absolutely right. Thursdays are crazy day. It's just so many jobs that and so many things being thrown at us. And the top of that we're closing in the third quarter, so let's get into the jobs right now. Here we go on your markets that initial jobless claims down about 866,000 from 873,000. That's a lot of numbers. But the answer is it's actually pretty good. We're seeing the continuing claims looking very solid. Personal income down a little bit, so it's a little bit weak. They're a little bit more of a challenge. The consumer is spending a little bit more. So that's actually helping us a little bit. And I think, and that's giving us a nice breather is we get going here? Because futures looked to be up about 150 for Ah Tao looks like the S and P up 22 NASDAQ up 146 and hope for stimulus talks will continue to maybe give us a little bit better Look at it. But also we closed the third quarter and now we start the fourth quarter but so far considering we're in the middle of a pandemic, I think we're doing pretty darn good in this process, So let's hope we can keep going. A couple of things in the stocks will see about 9000 jobs. Unfortunately, its shell going to be cut Pepsi rallied a little bit in Constellation Brands rallied a little bit. I guess everybody's drinking a little bit more, unfortunately during this time, but all in all a good start is we get going here and start the next quarter. All right, Dave Caruso. Thank you. It's 9 26.

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