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Right so as i became more and more interested in recovering in you know taking my health in my own hands and realized that i was going to have to do that if i wanted to get well because no one was coming to save me and the conventional medical establishment was just again not not set up for this kind of problem it's fantastic you break your leg or need your gallbladder removed or something like that but it's not really set up for this kind of issue and right so that's that's what let me down the path that i took interesting yeah there there was actually a documentary i was watching this morning i doubt you went this far i don't know if you saw this it's called a grueling and grotesque biohacking experiment where this guy joe sayas zane are often link in the show notes by the way if you guys are listening in show not going to be ben greenfield finished dot com slash cress her today there's just chris's last name k r e s ben greenfield fitness dot com slash crusher anyways this synthetic biology research scientists at nasa in this documentary just came out he did his own recolonisation of his body with this ecosystem of microorganisms to fix this lifetime of gastrointestinal problems he'd been having it was apparently successful but it's actually very interesting documentaries basically like a selfimposed poop transplant more or less but it sounds like you didn't you didn't quite go that route but you actually i did have a fecal transplant several yeah i mean i so i try some pretty wacky stuff i'm maybe not quite the bio hacker that you are ben.

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