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Jay jay jay talking wbz wbz newsradio ten thirty how you doing it's freezing in the studio which is good it's probably like fifty in here trying to compensate for day of pete it's gonna be ninety today in it's gonna be ninety tomorrow humid was it humid today i can't i don't know can you tell me how did you do today are you going to do tomorrow i'm i'm on full on everything i can do to keep the temperature down in the home to keep the air conditioner doing the best it can tv off chances atv throats heat unless it's really really modern and even then still throws up some heat so if you're doing everything you can to keep cool couple more hands if you have an led light use that instead an led lights a super cheap couple for five bucks each you can get him on amazon heck if you have amazon prime they get here in time for the second half of the heat wave led lights you don't need a lot of lights either keep the fans blown blowing air in addition to the ac and might wanna use you use your computer instead of your tv handed about a computer if your computer overheats it's bad news for the motherboard is bad sound good for it you can get a fan that's a flat fan that the lap if it's a laptop liaison and blows up also i have my scituate i have a situation so i use the computer near the ac and i guess that ought to do it don't be too active if you've got dogs be very careful with them six one seven two five four ten thirty i read this article on how to get kids to read in the summer i sure to get kids to read in the summer i hated summer because it was so boring and reading was the only thing that i had maybe that's the same with you this is npr article raising kids you want to read even during the summer even during the summer reading was a lifesaver for me and i remember the first things i read and i'm asking you here it is summertime let your mind travel back way way back at the way back machine for here a kid i don't know when the kids learn to read maybe junior high where when did you learn to read i don't know when are you reading books sixth grade what did you read what were the books in the summer if you can remember that kinda got you hooked if you're like me there's no school and from small towns so there wasn't much going on and it was really bad it was really boring fire away from everybody in school brought us together so i had something to do but when school was out time stood still tick tock tick tock tick tock outta my mind i would read anything i get my hands on well not anything because they are always books and my father was always reading he said it was no matter his his mantra no matter what you read you can learn something from it he didn't care what it was didn't matter learn just read because you'll learn something from it some of the things i remember there was a collection of reader's digest reader's digest a good to read when you're a kid when you were a kid then remember some of the articles in there i am jones liver when it was always this this series on i am joe this part of joe's body i am joe's gallbladder and do they had enough of those keep me busy also there was weekly reader big thing it was just this thin little little zine would come out it was kind of for kids i guess it was totally for kids might have had crossword puzzles and stuff it it was so great when it came loved it other things i would read would be mad magazine was affirmative thing and you really did learn you get a sense of humor from that really their movie parodies spy vs mad magazine was good stuff i don't know if it's still good the art and the thing was great and the man from uncle book was probably the first book that i read other than hardy boys hardie boys was big it was just right in my wheelhouse joe and what was it franken joe hardy and you're young enough so you get really lawson these things franken joe hardy and their father was a detective fenton hardy and they had.

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