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News which tv station out there. jerry duty practicing on friday. Not good no. That is not good just talking yesterday. How he's had no problems cutting and everything. That sucks. yeah it could just be there. They're arresting him. But anytime you see. A guy proxy on friday not not a good sign. By the way we know that there so beat up at linebacker. One of their starting defensive tackles also going to be out for probably multiple weeks Believe that his pursell who is out this week so and even better match than we realized for antonio gibson and corey miller also not practice actually saw something on twitter for a few minutes ago that Jamie was talking about that. I thought was good. And i wanted to bring up just because i think it's a nice little tidbit that people can take forward like moving forward from this point on if you see if you have a player who's questionable practicing on off during the week and they don't and you you mentioned this j if they don't make him available to the media at the end of the week there's a really good chance he's not going to play so you can track that and have a better idea for your questionable guys. Corey davis out for the jets so any interest in jamison crowder. No you gotta be stuck. You know the thing. I want wanna see and it sucks wolfson. I wanna allies more. Get targets. I wanna see danzon. Mims get targets you know. See what these young guys can do it. it's again. it's not an easy situation. The bengals defense is really good but it would be. It would have been nice to see. Zach wilson having to rely on the young guys and just you know how can they do with with increased playing time increased opportunities. So that's the the unfortunate thing that will we will get a full analysis on is how good those young guys can potentially be right now. Is this better for michael carter. Did you boost him in.

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