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I mean there were times all of us might grow you off every day. You don't all get arrested. Even come home that night life man would be tough five to it. You get used. Yeah all right. Well bobby coming up here. 'bout forty four minutes. I think we probably have got a forty good show going here. Honestly appreciate you coming on. I wish you luck in the world. Let's go back over one last time. What you got out there. You've got a book. You got your youtube channel. I guess if you would go to youtube. Search for bobby louis c. l. u. isi. And you'd find it and you've got a bunch of good interviews on our. Oh are we will show up ride and then your book is available on amazon. What was in the god's plan revealed. The book itself is a summary of the class. That i use that each okay and it breaks down the bible from genesis all the way to revelations so it's a good read bobby that's really wanted to become a maybe at the illusion are right to me. It's interesting from a historical standpoint. That this whole philosophy stems from these events that happened that has basically taken over the world. I find it interesting even from an intellectual standpoint. Now you've got another book coming out. Are you working on another book on working on a book right now. Emily sweeny and i'm only was an investigative reporter for the boss. Yeah i've done a couple of shows. I really like emily. She knows her stuff. Nice gal yeah. She's already done book. Yeah i know she's going to do a great job with the spokane. I like the respective of because is going to be my story and the end up information on y'all wise up saw does yeah walks on excited about that. I think is going to be good sala. So we're working on that project. Right actually talked with her last night. So i'm hoping by the end of the summer. I don't want to russia okay. Read this book right next time. You talked taylor. I said hi. I'll get her back on when she gets that book out. We'll help promote that book or get both of your your come up. Talent will do both. Ibm in help. Get some people learn about that book. So great bobby. I really appreciate you being on here and good luck with your future endeavors. Thank you so much for having. Okay bye why. God was folks that ends another gangland wire episode does wanna thank you all for listening in. Roll your nice apple podcasts. In other podcast app review using the nice comments. You make my youtube page on my facebook and question. You ask on my facebook pages as most. Y'all know i upload my zoom interviews on youtube so he can see what my guest lack in real life and also what most those on my gang lenoir. Podcast facebook group and in regards those facebook groups. I've got to one. Is facebook page. Gangland wire facebook page de was my podcast group and the group of smaller and our monitor that pretty closely. So get on that. I want to thank kim couture and several others for keeping fresh content on my facebook page. If you want more mob information you can shake a stick at to the gangland wire podcasts facebook group and remember if you support the podcast with donations you'll get an invite to my monthly live..

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