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The southern side of the interstate he's about two forty at mill branch which affect your all right footed Danny we've got cloudy skies a high temperature in the low to mid seventies then for tonight the low temperature drops down into the low fifties with rain and then for tomorrow sunny skies a high in the upper fifties Saturday rain and a high and low sixties in for tomorrow or for Sunday scattered showers the high temperature in the upper fifties right now we've got a temperature of sixty one degrees this morning news time is six seven transaction declined seven oh six losing sleep over a stressful job for a bad boss it's time to get to know express employment professionals more than half a million people find work with express each year connect on the express jobs out or express pros dot com I was there this Memphis morning news seven oh six got a temperature of sixty one degrees I walked in with plenty of guests this morning and in reverse order coming at seven forty five been Ferguson joins us at seven thirty five hell downing with your money with a special addition of that simply because was out on Monday we're in the yeah and given that the the way that the corona virus has Ben so prevalent it's probably pretty important that we we we touch on the money aspect of that this morning my wife just texted me about the laundry bin right now it is seven of seven I in the middle of a show I do not know the answer to that and she knows I'm on the air I have been for I don't know the last I don't know five years stop that was funny find humor or where we can get it these days all right let's not let's get to the meat and potatoes of things what is going on in the world all rights coronavirus world health health organization causes a pandemic because it's so widespread they confirm over a hundred and twenty four thousand global cases forty six hundred deaths world wide most of those deaths in China however Italy is going through a very rough time right now as that that whole country is on lockdown the residents spoke last.

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