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Good to see you man so I I tell you. You're one of those guys a Minnesota Vikings Fan. You're one of those guys that I respected the hell out of. But I could not stand because you were so damn good and it was always you. It was in this guy doing in all those great years you had in In Green Bay. I mean when you look back at at at your career careered in what you've accomplished I mean how. How do you put it into your own? Worst was a fun ride. I mean a lot of it was unexpected When I retired I think my football career lasted eleven years longer than what I expected so I think going into to know what to expect and only played receiver fever for three years at K.? State before I got drafted in. So there's a lot of unknown going into their but bail the playing a green bay play Aaron and some of the great receivers Donald Driver Greg Jennings earnings James Jones those guys. We've got an incredible ruin Randall. COBB Davante Adams later about it. All those great wide receivers at Green Bay plucked out of nowhere. A bunch of those guys self off a lot of second rounders which is pretty crazy Ted Thompson do the incredible job of finding finding us in the second round once he was. GM We had an incredible room. And I think that's what made it so enjoyable. We go along. We still get along today and always texting and calling and whatnot and so it's at that made it enjoyable. Doing Games at Lambeau in your plan for Green Bay used to tell people if you've never been to a football stadium. Lambeau Lambofield is where you gotta go and you gotta go go see Lambeau. And you've got to feel what it's like to be around the packer fan and the just the euphoria that was around your team. Especially because you guys were so exciting. Offensively the Lambeau simple leap. How many did you ever count? How many you did? WHO DID NOT They all different no matter how many they are. There's not one that is is the same as the other. Some of them are more enjoyable than others in a couple of times. Some of our neighbors where we lived. had tickets in there in the north North End zone right on the front row. So there's a couple of games that I was able to run over and find some of our neighbors or their kids or whatever and they're now get some cool pictures that way but it's harder order to get out sometimes. It is to get up on the wall because they keep grabbing union polling. You and then you guys security guys pulling you down but it's an experience in one heck of a tradition so the team actually Supports that whole thing. Even though there's a chance for injury there yes. Yeah there's I think anyone can do like one one person to do it so you can pass it on to other people. That's all mason. Crosby I think it was this year did it. After the he kicked game winner against Detroit has been an offensive lineman. That's ever done it. I'd like to see guys we talked about it with Tj Lane. And Josh sitting. But I don't know if they did it I know they've done it on the fan appreciation. Day thing they do during training camp I it would be hilarious to see guy. Lifted up biased biased mason. Got Up there this year. The long snapper ran over and they they gave him a little boost on the way so it was great. You have to find out where to go though middle of the field you have to stay in the crown of the field you get to the edges of all gets I swear a foot higher. So there's there's GonNa Jordy Nelson former. NFL Wide Receiver with the packers. Akers and then the raiders at the end of course long career with Green Bay and he's here on behalf of Michelob. Ultra which is the way to go if you're a beer drinker and you don't want the all the carbs arbs and the calories. You still want a great tasting beer. So tell us what you do with Michelob. Ultra so today. I'm with Michelob. Ultra pure gold. And it's an organic beer and so what they're donors a six for six pack promotion that every six pack of pure gold that has sold. They're gonNA turn six square feet of farmland into organic farming and and the reason why they chose that square footage is. That's how much it takes to make a six pack of pure gold beer so there's a long process when you're trying to turn mm-hmm farmland into normal into organic as a three year process so there's a lot of overhead costs so they're trying to help out those farmers they don't WanNa do organic farming for those who want to organically to help those costs so it's a six or six pack in growing up on a farm still farming. We've moved back home and farm with my brother the farming to this day. You're still far putting up electric fence about two days ago to keep Cadillac so Riley Kansas Kansas yes riley. Kansas can't take again take Kansas out of the boy. I heard man absolutely. Wow good for you I wanna I wanNA talk to you about the end in Green Bay because it seemed like Aaron Rogers was really upset from what you heard that you know. They moved on from you and they brought him. Jimmy Graham the like kind of be like well. Give me grab vigor. It didn't just didn't seem right. I couldn't believe they moved on from you when they did. Take me back to that. And how it all went down from. Actually what would really happened and yeah it was a little disappointing. Obviously the business. We all know that and a you're able to stay with one team for your whole career. It's very rare. Obviously we saw retires giants. I was great so but you know I try to make it work. They did a little bit but not as much as would've preferred and so at the other day was. It was a business decision on both ends and that was a disappointing part. After the years that we'd put in that is still going to L. to play and be productive especially with the chemistry that Aaron and I had all their production that we'd had over the years so but then when we chose to go out to Oakland obviously the season changed for us when they traded Khalil completely changes the whole. Then you trade Amari Cooper so switched a lot but to be honest with you my wife and I and our our family. We enjoyed the year that we spent out in California. We even debated on stain for next year just for fun but ended up moving back home to Kansas and building our house and getting back on the farm. It's amazing you remind me of an ex team. Mate of mine is named Chris Collins. I'm sure you've heard of them you know. Chris was great when he was younger. But I had never seen a guy. Hi Who's career. Just kind of almost stopped. I thought maybe a couple extra years maybe could have gotten out of it if he was and I feel like you know. Your career was cut short when it shouldn't yeah well. I had options to go after Oakland. Seattle took brought me up on a visit and honestly offered me a contract and I was very appreciative of that. But it came down to family to me We hadn't even been in California for a year and then we'd been moving. We had them then moved to Seattle or where it would have been wherever it would have been if out to continue to play and then then you're on that like kind of one year two year thing all the time and it might have just been one year there then we would have moved somewhere else. So I've gotten what I wanted out of the game. The body was still feeling good honesty. Honestly when I was in Seattle the doctor goes man. You look pretty good for eleven years in the League. Your knees your hips. Honestly that was assigned to me like I'm out. I don't WanNa come in into a physical and Mike Man Dan. You look like you're fifty five instead of thirty five your guy to ask this question to then so the CBA is up on a couple years. They're working on it right now and it sounds like it's going to be a push for a seventeen game regular season. How would you feel about that if you were still an active player? I I don't like it as an active player or is a fan. I think more isn't always better. I think you Especially when they are I know for a little bit. They're they're talking about having to buy weeks or split Rosser. Somehow to wear certain guys can only play. You can only play play sixteen games which I mean. There's no way you can do that. 'cause you're going to take your quarterback out of the game but you never know right I mean I maybe it gives somebody somebody else an extra chance I would. I would assume that they would expand the roster right. I would assume that that maybe they assume that maybe get rid of the franchise tag which will be good for the players. Everybody Buddy would get more money because there's an extra game. They're only two preseason games. We only know we all know. That doesn't mean anything right but see our the preseason game I think could be hurting teams as well because especially team that Green Bay. I feel like we four or five undrafted guys or guys that you didn't think we're GONNA make the roster every year and that was because the preseason the way they performed because they got the opportunities and games one two and four so that could hurt players. That could hurt some of the younger players in that aspect and from a player's standpoint. I've thought to they're not gonNA short and training camp and so then you're going to have five or six weeks of training camp with only two preseason games once we hit preseason games training camp got a lot easier for US Jordan. I don't WanNa hear that you know I was back in the day six days. We actually hit now now. It's like you know you guys are at a spa. I agree one hundred percent. Okay.

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