Mark Stein, Senate, CNN discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Mark stein in for rush on the excellence in broadcasting network uh new york governor andrew cuomo slammed the trump the tax cut bail on thursday arguing that the legislation penalizes his and other blue states and punishes them because they don't have republican senators wrote the senate was saying is because we have no senators from the blue states we don't care so let's pillaged the blue to give to the red cuomo told cnn's alisyn camerota on new day that's never been done in this nation before that's partisan politics gang over any semblance of good government how uganda grow the economy off you put a dagga in the heart of new york and california it's all politics all the time i did yes it's pod sentence partisan because you have tax policies that bear no relation to the tax policies of other states uh in my state of new hampshire we have no income tax we of no sales tax uh they the tax implicate having a federal up a century a federal tax benefit that licenses blue state staff have high tax policies is a structural problem in the tax system it's one of many structural problems in the tax system the irs is.

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