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Look at the top stories we're working on at WTO P as the clock ticks frozen Biden and House speaker Kevin McCarthy announced a final agreement to raise the debt ceiling. We will tell you what's open and what's closed this Memorial Day and how you can commemorate the holiday. 8 people have been rescued after an apartment building partially collapsed in Iowa. Keep it here for full details on these stories in the minutes ahead. It's ten 18. We've got your traffic and weather on the 8s we start with Mary de pampa in the WTO traffic center. All right, Shayna, we're doing pretty well if you're out and about for this Memorial Day holiday. It is a federal holiday. We've had a very light rush hour and things are currently continuing into the midday knock on wood. Most big road work projects are suspended in a long holiday, but those zones that always continue the long-term work will be there. And if anything came up as an emergency, we'll try to let you know as that happens on the beltway, all issues. We've been reporting the elderly ramp at 50, as well as the disabled vehicle on the outer loop over top of the big curve and the two 70 sphere, everything on the beltway is cleared, and the beltway remains at speed, both in Maryland and in Virginia. We'll check in Maryland, we've been watching any volume on 50 coming back from your eastern shore points, four O four traffic lights, Y mills, you may get congestion, but no incidents reported all the way to the beltway, one note if you are 50 west crossing the Chesapeake Bay bridge, your advice to follow your overhead lane signals, there was an object reported on the bridge span, so they're going to go and pick it up. They haven't done it yet, watching any camera. You still have your three lanes coming in the westbound direction, but again, follow your signals and watch out for some debris in the roadway. 32 in Maryland city, it's a westbound crash at guilford road, police were still marked on scene watch for those flashing lights and be sure to maneuver correctly, but in Virginia on 95 anywhere from spotsylvania, all the way through Springfield in three 95 to the 14th street bridge

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