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That's just how it goes. You know, this disease ravaging my body. If you tell me that mercury might help, then I'm probably going to try mercury show. You're gonna try anything at that point including malaria, which is apparently something that was discovered in nineteen seventeen by Julius Wagner Georiga to help halt some of the symptoms of syphilis, particularly neurosis at advanced stage in which you get psychosis and you get paralysis. And they found that if you in induced malaria. Fever impatience, well, that could help with the actual infection. You also saw the use of so-called civilization treatments. This is where you would essentially try to inaugurate the the, the patient in the same way that you would treat them for smallpox. This didn't work submitting yourself to the disease, right? Yeah, trying to to build up, you know, bodily immunity doesn't work. Now I've, I've read some mixed reports of how experiments on rabbits in the the modern age has potentially shown some possibility there, but you get into a situation where it would take so many applications of syphilis, and and we're talking about a rabbit and it hasn't been studied enough and you would certainly could not study it in humans. So so yeah. And then also why study when we have penicillin that can wipe it out. And sometimes it's diagnosed by testing fluid from syphilis to war in looking for the. Parakeet via dark field, microscopic the name of that blood test by the way is the Wasserman blood test, and it was developed in nineteen. Oh six. Just to get everything in the timeline squared away there. So as we have mentioned, suppose can be treated with antibiotics. I, we're talking about penicillin. We're talking to Matt g venza Tyne doxycycline or tetracycline, and that's for patients who are usually allergic to penicillin in the length of treatment. Depends on the extent of the infection in factors such as the person's overall health. So let's say you didn't get to it right away and you kind of get to the second or a secondary phase of it. You would still have to deal with any sort of ill effect that you might have sustained at that point. All right. So at this point you might be wondering, what can I do to decrease my chances of of catching syphilis? Well, according to the CDC they're basically two things you can do because there's no, there's no vaccine for syphilis. We have a cure. Syphilis. But then again, you get into the problem of detecting it knowing to report it at cetera..

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