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Through is the best and it Goes through October. So this is just this week or the next couple of weeks, and so just keep in mind you've got a lot of opportunity there are seeking them opportunity. I was just talking about this. Do you have an expired tag? Okay. Because I know a lot of us yet your tags were do or if you bought a new car and we need to like you know it registered in any of that he didn't WanNa that first of all the buildings were closed right in. There just hang on everything's were were shut down. Let's just wait. We're GONNA put a hold on this will the grace period is ending on October six and this is the most important part beginning October seventh. If you have unpaid registration if you have expired tags, any of that, you're not just going to get like a ticket for, oh, it's been expired for these couple of days. No. If you're tag expired march, you're going to get that many months worth of fines. So get it figured out. Over six in. Kim Clarke Gabrielle Sammy, said that there are fourteen thousand vehicle registrations in. Kenton County. That are unpaid right now fourteen thousand. So this is one of those deals where call ahead if you can do it without walking into the building, that would be probably the easiest way, but seriously, you better get on this because I know I know a lot of us have kind of forgotten. Forget after a while we add. We have two vehicles in our household and we've only been using one. So it's easy to forget but I you know I I pay attention all this stuff and I'm lucky since we're chamber and get Chris and bugging us about all the new rules and stuff. So. I got my taking care of already. Yes. Yes. COVINGTON independence independent once mass donation donation. So the district is participating and Kentucky's first lady Brittany Beshir's covering for kids initiative to make sure that students and staff have access of mass Tomaso for school coming to this now, collecting mathematicians at the central office, the goal is to collect enough mass for the three thousand students in the. Eight hundred staff Covington independence starts in person classes next Monday. So they need these mass, some of these kids in in that demographic out in. COVINGTON don't have access to some of the means that you know, say Fort Mitchell or highland heights does. So if you have extra masks that you can donate there they are in need in Covington right now. Out You know this is a very strange here for so many things including October fest, which is continuing its like a week and a half now is what they're doing a lot of northern Kentucky places or partnering including. Right away Braxton I was so. At braxton brewing and Covington on Saturday to do the chicken dance there. So the world heart chicken was separated out twelve places and I drew the lucky. Straw of Braxton said thank you to those guys out there having a great time. Did you try the Pumpkin Viva Oh my gosh. Yes. I haven't around here. It's actually really good. Did you try it? No, I haven't I need to get some I like okay. I would say this is for those of you who aren't aware. So braxton's Seltzer Seltzer they did a pumpkin spice and I'm going to be a pumpkin everything and I'm like I don't know what this I rather enjoyed it. It's kind of Israel's cinnamon. It is it's really good. You should try delight. I didn't see it on their online shopping Carter I. Know they have it in all of the locations. But Yeah I. Don't I didn't see it online but I did see all those orders who I was down there near selling online I would love to see it in Krueger or something like that. But I'M GONNA have to pop back on Bryson's website and The. That time Oh, my goodness Jeremy it's been a whole week I almost forgot is it time for the shame around up? How Right Chamber Roundup we've got some great stuff You know one of the things that Kinda got pushed around a lot was the northern Kentucky leader cast this year you know we were going to have a big huge event where everyone can come network and do all that fun stuff, shake hands and high five and all that great stuff that we can no longer do in person. So the Northern Kentucky leader is turned. Into, a virtual event that you can do at your own pace. So it's like Kinda like video on demand idea. So if you go to our website, it's the first event that's listed there but you can go and get tickets and shared out with your staff and do all those cool things and do some team building You know you can do it virtually you can send the links out to your staff and have them. Each watching this, what we did at the Chamber and then come together and talk about what you've learned It's really really really really great content and I highly recommend that everyone check that out also this week for the all the way PS, we're having another virtual coffee and conversation that's on the twenty fourth in the morning and then also on the twenty four in the afternoon, we're having our business after hours networking. It's a on zoom. We're GONNA, utilize the cool breakout room feature inside zoom, which is always well received. It's really kind of fun to to get pop out in the breakout rooms because sometimes when you get into those big zoom things, it's kind of weird to talk to like fifty people at once. So that way we break people out in the small little rooms and you get to meet some people in in in the virtual world. And then also on the twenty eighth is the women's initiative Connect our it's. Very similar to that business after hours, but it's the women's initiative that women only. And that's that's pretty much what we got coming up for at least the next week. All right well, that sounds perfect and stay with us here on the Northern Kentucky spotlight coming up next or talking about the intersection of design and science. It's an interesting one about if you're planning on re configuring anything before you head back to work, got some guests up next we'll tell you all about is a stick with us. CG Airport is the lowest fare airport in the Tri State region with fifty four nonstop flights and direct international service to seven destinations including Paris France and now home to both DHL's and Amazon's global cargo hubs. The airport is furthering its position as leader in aviation and is deeply committed to being an economic for the community. You can learn more and start your next adventure at sea VGA airport. Dot Com. Your Northern, Kentucky Chamber saves you money. It's what we do from health and unemployment insurance travel office supplies are affinity program save our members, thousands of dollars every year we even have savings on Kobe streaming applications to keep your employees, gifts and workplace safe. Learn more about how to start saving today by visiting our Website in K Y. Chamber Dot com slash member discount saving our members money. It's what we do. Welcome back to the Northern Kentucky spotlight and right now we're GonNa talk about reentering are thinking about entering going back to the office and those sorts of things and so we've got experts here to talk about that process in an interesting study as well. Kate Sharpe's from RJ e business interiors and Meghan two minutes from Doris Assist Company and we're GONNA be talking about how those two are working together. So first of all ladies, thank you so much for joining us. Thanks for having US thanks for having us. All right kate. Let's start with you. It will explain what Rj does and how your organization got started. So we are actually established in Nineteen ninety-one in. Indianapolis by Rusty Jim and ED. So that's the RJ. E, and Business Interiors in two thousand and we were purchased by any sponsor, and then since then we have gone into other markets, Lexington, Global Columbus, and of course Cincinnati. We really help our customers create spaces. So we do that by prefabricated interior construction furniture and workplace consulting but we also see ourselves more as more than just a furniture dealership. We really see ourselves as workplace consultants and we use a array of tools to. Use visiting cards and Different kinds of workshops and things like that that we can really analyze our customers and get exactly what they want.

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