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News time is one twenty. Well, no charges will be filed against a former New Jersey state official accused of sexually assaulting another worker while they were both campaign staffers to give governor Phil Murphy, elected Middlesex County prosecutor's office. Put out a statement yesterday, saying the case against Albert Alvarez lacked credible evidence Alvarez was accused by Katie Brennan of attacking her back in two thousand seventeen and it only went public when she told the story to the Wall Street Journal last October because she said her complaints filed within the Murphy administration went nowhere. Well, Alvarez has denied the assault. There is now a legislative investigation into how the administration handled the matter over two years now since quarterback Colin Kaepernick lead NFL pre-game protests against racial inequality and police brutality. Putting the league at the center of a social debate around athlete activism, which costs capper, Nick he has not been hired since. And now comes the latest annual report card on the league's how. Hiring practices. The NFL gets an a minus for racial hiring practices only a see on gender for an overall. Be Richard lap. Jake heads the institute for diversity at ethics in sport at the university of central Florida. He says the season started with a record number of head coaches of color. They had eight which would be in the category itself. Of course, it was graded right now, it'd be substantially less than that. Because five were eventually fired. This could very well be a cycle that isn't going being noteworthy over longer time. Lapse says the league is far ahead of its teams for both race and gender in high level front office hires. Peter King CBS news Orlando still no L train service west of union square in these weird early morning hours after Wednesday mornings water main break the water receded quickly. But the damage was done a large portion of seventh avenue between fifteenth and fourteenth streets is buckled and subway equipment. Was damaged says.

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