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I'm going. To have the Nesta Sousa. Next Sunday the. Week after merry America to the? Death of a nation we have the national Susan coming out is a great American but I haven't seen it so I'm going to talk to Gail I to find out what the Nashes movie is all about it's in it's in the movie houses now let's continue can you smell what I'm cooking how is it possible that the black vote is to heart and soul of the success. Of Democratic, Party and every member of the black? Congressional caucus are all Democrats when moats. Most of the major cities are hurting. Seriously and areas of crime Economic development public education public safety and, the medical system and all. The major cities for black folks are, like in complete collapse but the Democratic Party and the Congressional. Black caucus, completely in charge have no. Results to show. For but they get ninety five? Percent of the black vote how's that possible let's continue with calls some Pennsylvania's Chicago Baltimore San Diego and more line becomes available eight six six six four seven seven three three seven Bill Cunningham the great American live with you every Sunday night What. Happened. You used to go hours without visiting. The bathroom now it seems like you're constantly getting up to pee you're even getting up.

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