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Minutes. Fulsome Boulevard. Try five south, down 5 17 minutes out of woodland now and coming in from the Davis area. 13 minutes across the causeway traffic on the tens every 10 minutes more. Is that the afternoon Bob Williams News 93.1 Kfbk. This is a forecast that will be very easy to remember. Today. Sunny and hot. I Hae Neer 96 in the Valley tomorrow exactly the same Friday Sunny and hot 197. But you treated for okay. Excellent. Let's get over to news from your neighborhood. Albert Parnell joins us. And what do you have for sir? Yes, that's coming out of the Sonoma Index. Tribune's so Sanoma County officials once through my residents that the county has a mental health warm line to provide support to any caller who might be experiencing stress or anxiety anxiety. It's free and there are humans. On the other end of the line for English and Spanish is seven days a week from 10 AM 7 p.m. I have the number for him. It's 7075652652 That's 7075652652 I love humans on the other end of the line. Well, that's just good to begin with. But, you know, in a very serious note for anybody out there who's listening right now, and you're struggling. You know the job thing, the money thing. I mean, there we have heard from so many mental professionals talking about the psychological implications over 19 0 yeah. Shutdowns, the lock down, working from home the juggling family at home. It's difficult to reach out, you know, I mean, really, Just don't be afraid. So talk to it. All right, So the vast majority of California's this is coming now from Thie Ah study done by the Public Policy Institute of California. They do statewide surveys to kind of take the dick thing. Temperature of the state on the big issues okay, 74%. I believe that people should always wear masks in public to prevent this friend of the Corona virus. I believe that number. Okay, 2/3 say they support the black lives matter Movement and 60% say that racism is a big problem in the nation today. This is all, according to the latest state White survey Now there were differences. California's mostly on the same page, but there were differences in degrees of views. Between racial groups and geographic areas are those numbers are pretty consistent with what we've heard. Right. So that's just the latest that is out today from the Public Policy Institute. Did you know it might be Kamala Harris? Did you know it might be? Well, someone let the cat out of the bag early. It just might be. We're going to tell you why that rumor is a floating around everywhere this morning, and we've got some audio on that support that coming up. Yes, we do. Plus protecting our computers. Our computer systems are cos they're very concerned about it, protecting them from hackers. They demand money after they take control. We're going to talk about ransom wherein the new techniques coming up in three minutes. Because it matters where you get your new novel, Corona viruses is dangerous and it's contagious is a fact based coverage. California school Children will not be returning to campuses in the fold with a very latest asks, are really important to stay connected and we should be using them. Everyone's Sacramento's news 93.1 KFBK Kelly Brothers here for Master's wholesale serving contractors of builders for 45 years is where the experts would walk in. They get high end appliances at wholesale prices. You and I went three blocks further and paid 30 35% more at the big box retail.

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