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That's eight seven seven four eight oh wait and it are W. garage door specialist will be happy to assist you going to one of one this time around and checking in with marking it out from the Chilton auto body traffic deaths we got some delays now if you try to get into south San Jose on north bound wanna one right before Bailey Avenue it's an injury crash in the left hand lane looks like Caltrans is involved in this racket as well in an ambulance is responding to the scene the backup extends about a mile back beyond coyote creek golf drive also a couple off ramp collision southbound on one on one the Ralston offramp although the activities on the shoulder and in Berkeley westbound eighty on the university offramp of that ramp reportedly partially blocked Petaluma area southbound old redwood highway and railroad crash still being cleared there meantime heading into San Francisco no toll plaza the light metering lights are now off at the west town neighborhood record setting weather in the bay area we have a sixty nine this hour in San Jose with a lot of sunshine in San Francisco we got to beat seventy four on our way to seventy six.

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