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We enjoy it The They tried so hard v left to make this a thing and to try to skew the, election. They and then when they, failed they decided that they wanted to go off on the electoral college whenever, something even though it's completely constitutionalists inherent to, the the structure of our country fails for. Them they, have they freak out and they want, to they want to change it or undermine it. Somehow that's how it always. Works Okay I want, to switch it up I share the story with. You from Washington free beacon Because you know the big thing right now is going back in time in. Twitter and trying, to punish adults. For things that they wrote in high school and middle school so now. Mizzou quarterback is, suffering the same fate university. Of Missouri quarterback drew lock. Was. Forced to apologise after a newspaper. Asked him about offensive tweets he sent in middle school They asked him about Offensive tweets that he. Sent in middle school Okay Really the Columbia daily Tribune who are who these. People let's I wanna know who this reporter is. Garrick Hi guys wanna. Look up, Garrick Hodge let's look up Garrick Hodge Garrick Garrick Hodge let's look up Garrick. I am fascinated oh boy we got him now So they, did the story. On The Columbia daily Tribune reported it received an Email from a reader pointing to several tweets on, the first on the first, team all, set all the quarterbacks Twitter. Account dating back to twenty eleven he was fourteen. Years old and, an eighth grade by the way I really don't think that teenagers belong on Twitter because adults do horrible. Crap like this to them later One of. The things he wrote one of the things he tweeted quote do black LA do black guys like, flaming hot Cheetos ha no, offense AFC, NCA black guys read the..

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