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Stephanie davis joining us live and local with the latest on that staff it can afternoon greg this is still very active seen on sugarbush and bay point dry this is near ninety four in twenty three mile road a man has barricaded himself inside a whole police have the home surrounded in the area secured i just spoke moment moments so go to testify township police chief bradley kirsten officers getting to arrest ellen he warned he refused come out while the options were speaking with him he discharged his weapon inside the house offered backed away the old has been here were working what the swat team now to negotiate away to get him out they say they will stay there as long as needed they are asking residents in the area to stay inside shelter in the basement eighth need be but that the area is now secure reporting live stephanie davis wwl uta newsradio nine fifty a man is in custody after a three year old boy accidentally shoots himself to death and clinton township police captain richard myrlie says the man is believed to have accidentally dropped the gun the newport arms apartments tuesday was arrested on a parole violation little boy picked up the gun and shot himself in the chest of very difficult case uh obviously you know that we all have small children a minor little older but yeah it's it's very difficult case but with a threerun violation was for previous weapons charge emergency crews on the scene of a fatal crash nobody this afternoon or truck headed westbound on i ninety six near no by road ran off the roadway struck a powerline station eyewitnesses the impact with so hard the rear axle came off the vehicle that crash still affecting the right lane of i ninety six were hearing traffic is still very slow in that area stay with w w j for traffic and weather whether together the aids will try to get some detours from kt coming up in just a couple of minutes to more charged in the case of female genital mutilation involving young girls wwe j newsradio nine fifty's lauren barth old has the latest indictments also bring more victims to light the four young girls range in age from nine at twelve earlier arrests were made in connection with two girls from minnesota now at farida arief and fatih.

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