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Hanged in Iran just for being there is out there defending your ran and blaming president trump because Iran used to Russian surface to air missiles to down a Ukrainian airliner in Ukrainian airspace to the Democrats that's you know the blame America first crowd that is reason enough to blame the United States of America and and president trump because they didn't vote for him so it's his fault Bronco Bob of course Bob more countries than any president since World War two of course toppled engaged in a regime change war for eight months against Libya and the hypocrite the shocking hypocrite well not shocking just appalling hypocrite nanny pelo seats whose you're sure her face looks like when the guy say looks like Michael Jackson's driver's license photo that's pretty funny that's a funny guy in Texas I'm gonna have to get back to him because he's a funny guy I gotta get back I guess I gotta give credit for the joke too and I've I've got his name somewhere I gotta get back to him but Congress woman Jackie Spier Democrat from California blaming president trump for Iran shooting down a Ukrainian airliner in Iran it's all his fault because you know the world started when Donald Trump killed general Soleimani general selling money had apparently done nothing wrong Iran had never done anything wrong Iran was squeaky clean president trump is just mean and he decided to shoot this poor innocent man for no reason at all never mind the six hundred and three or six hundred nine Americans in whose death he had a direct hand or the thousands more being wounded in who's wanting he played a direct role never mind that the Democrats really don't care about that they don't know anyone that serves in the military they don't care about the military they're not on our side they are the blame America first crowd and their hatred for trump is just extraordinary as I I I did say I a little earlier on like Brett Kavanaugh Iran is not guilty until proven innocent Iran you must bring the DNA and the blue dress if you're going to say that a red shot down the plane now we've got the satellite images we've even got Justin Trudeau's saying that it's obvious that Iran I shut down this airliner without I believe sixty three Canadians on board and Justin Trudeau well he wasn't upset or anything he's just gonna wait for the United States to fix their wagon and then complain that we didn't do enough and that they had to wait too long that's the normal process I've been watching it for about forty years now and that's that's the deal now let me go let's just go let's go to sound bite number one once more with Justin Trudeau said because the Canadian Democrats don't believe the United States don't believe president trump because their brain washed zombies but they will believe any other person any other foreign leader so here is a wand little French speaking Canadian man who showed up to the press conference in tights leggings to the shop and not tights maybe maybe tides maybe not he said this intelligence from multiple sources including our allies and our own intelligence the evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by an Iranian surface to air missile this may well have been an intention might have been unintentional but everybody's just is that just the same and they're still around just to say and then you get questions like go let's go to number two then you have Canadian reporters who were very much like American reporters task really crazy questions like this is the intelligence is accurate and it seems this is the end result of a sequence of events that was sparked by the drone strike ordered by the U. S. presidency that any information you have how much responsibility does the United States mayor for this tragedy how much not does the United States but how much is that ninety percent or a hundred percent I think is really the question here these people their brains don't work they really they're they're scrambled their izombie like brainwashed drones say their their really something there for their bread techno now Jackie Spier also went on CNN yesterday and she said the same thing but she was on again this morning with John Berman and sh Malleson Cammarata who are not on America's side there there CNN I mean come out they'll take the side of any foreign country any day of the week so John Berman asked democratic congresswoman California Jackie Spier isn't this really all trump's faults are you blaming the president in any way for the fact that it appears that a wrong shot down that jetliner no but I am but for the escalation yes in the accolade shaken by Iran there would not be a hundred and seventy six people dead today it all happened that emanates from the killing of stolen money so which is it should just be contradicted herself and a hundred and eighty degrees swing no but all in all emanates from truck killing solemn money should have killed so the money of terrorists who killed more than six hundred Americans because the Democrats would rather date him they would rather go on vacation with him in fact in the democratic race for the presidency so money is now polling at between twelve percent and fourteen percent he might actually take the nomination could be a brokered convention eighties dad sorry can't come bits and pieces tiny bits and pieces so she said no which was a lie because then she said yes and then sh Malleson Cammarata jumped in and I said it really is all trump's fault is that this airliner being down Iran did it at a random attack our embassy in Iran killed an American and injured more in Iran attacked our base is eleven times in a few weeks at around I was engaged in killing troops during the Iraq war which is not the same country as around just by the way for Democrats but somehow this is got to be trump's fault so here comes smells in camera now again Jackie Spier because she lives like an Iranian she she said well you are you really blaming truck because she blamed truck yesterday on CNN with wolf Blitzer light trucks and then she said no and then she said but it all emanates from trump killing stolen money which means yes so she doesn't know what these words mean she's not a smart person everybody knows Jackie Spier it's not a smart person but she doesn't know what no means and women are supposed to know that and and and yes she doesn't know and but she knows what the word but means and I and all of its iterations and she said but you know it all starts because the history started when trump killed so all the money not a minute before so money never did anything wrong he didn't start anything he is just a piece let you know that you know that according to the United Nations which should be bulldozed speaking of which I just want to remind you of this Iran because they wanted to preserve the integrity of the crash site bulldozed the entire area they ball and they say they're not handing over the black boxes and they bulldoze the entire area and they're lying about shooting down the airliner because they lie all the time because there is honest and their mass murderers and their terrorist so really lying is kind of a minor offense it's like Democrats are so dumb they think of you declare hospitals no go no guns owns gun free zones right down when people go in there and kill a bunch of people in a hospital you have the additional charge you can place against them of bringing a gun into a gun free zone this is how stupid they are that's a it's a pretty amazing stuff and it's kind of the same thing it's kind of the same thing here hi Allison camera with her pal Jackie Spier is it really all trump's fault I also think that it's fair to say this would not have happened if there were not tensions between the US and Iran right say because trump is responsible for tensions between the US and around everybody knows that trump has been president since two thousand seventeen and he is responsible for forty years of tensions between the Islamic revolution which was born of a war crime attacking and seizing our embassy in Tehran and holding hostages I think that's when the tensions began you very very dim witted little news anchor bunny rabbit you idiot Alison camera it really is that when the tension started but they they they're like it's like men in black they woke up with that thing with it in front of your face you don't remember anything before so the money being killed they have news timers they have no grasp of history no grasp of world politics and yet their national anchors that millions of dollars a year for CNN and that's the level that their brains function at where the level at which their brains function and not really it's got a because it all started when trump killed solar money Jackie Spier we need to remember how this all started yeah this has started from the time the present United States remained on the nuclear jail nuclear had with around and then impose severe sanctions on Iran that is hurt them economically no one called the revolutionary guard a terrorist organization he keeps wrapping it up and the result is that they respond she's a traitor to our country she is a treasonous expletive deleted she is a handmaiden for the I a toll lock Khamenei she has just an unbelievable hack her name is Jackie Spier she's an elected Democrat in the house of representatives from California pretty pretty amazing amazing stuff let's go to but not but you know not entirely boot and judge your would be hanged for showing up in Iran is also blaming the president because history started when stolen money was killed and that's and you see how how this all started Jackie Speier said was it was trumps fault because he pulled out of the nuclear deal if you can't pronounce the word you shouldn't talk about nuclear things all right if you're too dumb to say nuclear and you walk around saying nuclear you should be kicked out of Congress Jimmy Carter was trained as a nuclear engineer by the navy and he's still said said nuclear and still I'm sure says nuclear nuclear the word is nuclear all right if it's unclear look it up the spell it maybe write it down tried out a couple times say it out loud and learn the word it's an important word you know and and and what it what is it her shoes hand grenades and nuclear weapons but you should get the word right you're not very bright new your letter thank you for now news your letter say there you go it as everybody knows and it all started she lied she is a lying sack and she lied that it all started because Evan tensions and showers in camera these tensions with Iran really you know didn't exist because Obama gave them a hundred and fifty billion dollars told them to keep spinning centrifuges enriching their uranium working on their ballistic missiles and paying for it by the way president trump talked about the last night let's go to let's go do excel but number seven this is the Canadian broadcasting company well actually we we didn't play six did we wouldn't disagree should do six does this is these are the questions from reporters I making quotation marks with my fingers at Justin Trudeau's little French Canadian press conference yesterday given the tensions in the area that were the calls of a drone strike by the United States do you think that the United States is at least partially responsible for this tragedy yeah I don't don't you think at least at least partially really isn't this the United we should launch a missile strike against Canada we should we should knock out maybe just take down their power grid for a couple of days or something then the Canadian broadcasting system hires a little lefty by the name of Cady Simpson Katie Simpson are and she related OJ Simpson now should know she still has her head or something no she Katie Simpson of the Canadian broadcasting company are sixty three Canadians dead because of the the unintended consequences of a decision made by the U. S. president and that's going to be a big question because there have been very significant questions and concerns raised here in Washington about why the United States decided to act why did you decide on top general when it why did you kill the terrorists who murdered six hundred Americans why I don't know why let's go to number nine this is Ali albenza it out all the items that is the chief of civil aviation for Iran he was asked Hey you turbans Fortin Nick which you shut down this Ukrainian airliner and killed all those people didn't show the mobile we're concerned with absolute certainty is that no missile had hit as I said last night checking on a plan have troubled while on fire for more than one and a half minutes from the crash site shows that the pilot had decided to return to the airport yeah and that and that's why we bulldozed the entire area so that everyone could see that they bulldozed the crash site which has never been done in human history well not since the last time I think Russia shot down a civilian airliner and you know it happens there you go Hey here's some great news if you missed the deadline to sign up for health insurance or.

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