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He's gotta gotta man signed layer walker scott again maybe i do it that way maybe you're going to let him but we're talking about that yeah he belongs there like a guy who got knocked i think a little bit for planning coors field despite protests cricket will in for exactly broke well not only that but how about the fact that he played his first six years in montreal on teams that weren't very good on an outfield that tories knees up and he was still getting mvp votes we are and how are going to be her desire to yeah that doesn't take up wrapping require he quite a colorado guy all around bihac where of his era at that there's all kinds o how about trevor hoffman as as a fellow pitcher what he was able to accomplish as a closer what are your memories as a as a player of trevor yeah aren't that you didn't get in the first time manet for about quota railroad too yeah one of the broncos we think i ever give trevor hoffman was uh my ricky your i pitched in san diego and were losing and i come in in the late round do what my stuff and brown below who had sixteen years and that they've come to not wait around what he says hey kid kamerhe and he said ah trevor hoffman supposed to pitch in this game i want you to put your back on what's your go outside the hewlett and so i did i i went out there and i i still stuck out you got your hell's bells come on us he came out of lights are flashing and it was one of the coup coolest we lost the game which selling but it was one of the coolest things that i've ever seen memory him was in milwaukee he got treats i believe around the trade deadline and he got his six hundred save against us and celebrate with his teammates and uh and just a celebration of what he accomplished that's incredible and uh he's the guy that always came had was fun to watch he was only throwing eighty four miles an hour them change it for still devastating and he kinda get guys out kyle loesch started that game for you guys mitchell boggs and.

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