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I was shocked and so amused by the fact that this mansion is at the very end of their. Show. Her Medica is if you you people are living next to it and have never wanted thought about it ought about necessity of running out of houses to sell makeup in right, right? Right. One foot away but into this completely. I love that. I love that. Because I mean, it's it's a very like storybook devise. Oh, these people are so involved in in their own lives that have never questioned what's at the end of the right? The street. Also, just love the idea of like it's like to make a world so aggressively normal all the weirdness to be like clustered somewhere. And that's created this play. Yeah. It's like they shoved it all to the side and Vincent prices. Just like I'll live here. Then, you know, just walked into a mention, well, I think I've said this before in different contexts, but he grew up in Burbank. He said this is largely influenced by his upbringing in Burbank and how outside he felt. Like conventional sort of suburban community, but the other thing that apparently they claim deeply influenced. This movie is his time at California Institute of arts, the college I dropped out of and on cold paradise or whatever Valencia California. Okay. Wha- paradise is different put out in California on the tour when I was like dad, I wanna go here. This is the timber in college because I went there because Tim Burton. They said on the tour, and they were like have any of you seen the movie Edward Scissorhands? And then everyone like raised their hands and let gas and they were like so rumor has it Tim based the film on his experiences here being a weird Kook on top of a mountain with this creepy suburban town that feared him down. Boy is the creepy. Ribbon county actually wrong term. Yes. Or the or or did he feel like he was the one weird student and the other was like blissfully normal. This is where the metaphor doesn't totally track because it's a flattering to the school with non as my argue. It's not right. No. I would argue it's not, and it was it was really clear for shadowing that I didn't pick up on about. Why shouldn't go there? But like the schools on top of a mountain like, and it's a weird building kind of has that relationship to the rest of the city, which is otherwise closed off identical cookie cutter housing communities Godley and anytime you would like leave the camp. Which was like a tiny bubble and go down into Valencia proper. Everyone would look at you like. Like, the townspeople hated the seople townspeople hitch works three sukey made like apparently thing that influences movie was how terrified he felt of how terrified everyone was him. And he wanted to shoot in Burbank, but Burbank at this point of change too much to urban I think, and so they tried it in lutz, Florida home of passive future gets Sonia. Psoriasis. A great attempt a suburb. Okay, which I'm sure now in its own right is probably too..

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