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What to do about eur one sided friendship today on the show lean show walk international ngo jelena's of near dis bestselling author celebrity fitness trainer obsessed with helping you live your dream life i recently did an episode here on the sean show entitled how to cultivate important friendships it's episode number two six six and if that's something that's important to you go back and listen to that episode after you listen to this one and then episode the one about cultivating important friendships sparked a lot of questions and even concerns from my audience many of you asked would you do how do you handle it when your relationship feels as though it's become one sided or really unbalanced i got this message so many times over the course of the last couple of weeks it i knew it was something we needed to explore further so let's go there first thing i have to tell eu is i don't believe there is such thing as a one sided relationship there's two sides every relationship now you might have your own interpretation of how things are going but so too does that other person step one is to recognize that framing a relationship as onesided is is detrimental it's not going to help you understand what's going on and it doesn't serve either view all it does is create resentment on your part whether that one sided quote one side a relationship is with your partner or friend nothing is onesided nothing especially when it comes to human relationships is always multiple sides i think a better way to frame it would be dmib e considerate unbalanced that might be the case let me ask you this who have you ever been angry with someone and then you get together with another friend and you can't tell them about what happened and.

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