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Buddy Holly. The song by Weezer that was written by Rivers Cuomo and released as the second single from Weezer's debut album. The blue album. It was released September 7th on this day in 1994. That was Buddy Holly's 58th birthday. Okay, quick Now how old would Buddy Holly be today? I flunked algebra one so I can help you here, but Somebody on the crew here will come up with that number anyway, the lyrics to this song. Not only reference Buddy Holly, but also Mary Tyler Moore gets a mention here, and it was produced by Ric Ocasek of cars. And apparently Rivers Cuomo after he wrote the song thought, I don't think so. Let's not put it on the album. He thought it was cheesy and didn't represent the sound he was pursuing for Weezer, but Ocasek persuaded him to include it in fact. Is a story about the recording session where the guys came in, and Ocasek had written little Post it notes all over the place in the studio, saying We want, Buddy Holly, and so they ended up doing it. How old would he have been today? 85 wow. That's crazy When you think that He'd only be 85 today..

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