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This will never be an offense that's purely designed around that particular tool and I just think it speaks well of them not just the coaches of the guys to buy in to totally be comfortable with it can but it to know that. Okay. Yeah. I know you've been high pick and roll. You have been the focal point in an offense for seventeen years long you've been in the League and. It's going to be a more. It will be. It'll be a catalyst, but it won't be the whole thing and I just I'm really getting into the Celtics well. The difference in ball handling between the two teams it guys who can hurt you off the dribble is so stark and again, Ben Simmons is playing now Ben Simmons can't shoot refuses to shoot Blah Blah Blah. So his ball handling takes like twenty twenty percent less effective in the playoffs but. They are just torturing the sixers on defense. They are finding matchups they like and just eating lunch and dinner and killing them, and so they just keep running this play where they'll run. Kemba. Walker. Office staggered screen with Thais as the last greener and the first screener is whoever has a slow defender that Campbell is GonNa? Destroy. Sometimes, it's the game what it was Horford last night it was harassed and they got a switch and Kemba goes to work. And these jump shots were him are layups. He's just getting layups because embiid is not gonNA. Come out. They're falling way far behind these screens or dusting Tobias Harris with fakes little fidgety Kemba things, and he walks into these jumpers where he can extend his arms and legs all the way out. He could starfish and you wouldn't hit a defender anywhere ds much space and they're just they're just finding ways to get everyone involved on the flip side the sixers. CanNot punish Kemba. Walker at all I mean, that's the weak link on Boston's defense. That's where you should guide your attack if you can, and they can't sometimes they're not even deliberate about it. They don't even try they have Josh Richards, they've come Bonn Jess Richardson sometimes you have to go into Josh Richardson to man game and try and get a switch try and get something, and they don't even do it and when they try to do it, it's like well, Tobias Harris Gets Kemba Walker on a switch well, guess what happens he takes seventeen foot runner and no one gives it because he gets to assist the game and he doesn't get to the foul line. In this case, you're right the tried one, but another credit to Boston there scrammed behind like. You know like when they when someone wants to hunt that mismatch is Boston is so cool. It just it just we'll make you like we'll Skram we'll quote the bump him out before the shots gets created and I just again another thing that Austin does well, on the margins you know way below the surface. They are the iceberg team. You know it's like you see ten percent of it. Ninety percent is below the water because they do so many of those things well. I will say. Look there's been Brett Brown buzz for two years now right and he's I. Think he's on another extension last year. I think Brits are good coach I think solving this puzzle would be hard for anybody. He clearly has not sold that I don't know that anyone would have by now but he hasn't. And I do think if I'm going to be fair and objective I think he coached a bad game last night and again that they almost had to wait maybe they didn't have to win but not going home and the way they lost it at demoralizing was. So demoralizing to that out to me. He just slept shake Milton out there to die on Kemba Walker for way way way too long and I'm taking running notes on all these games as I watch him except Nets Raptors you don't get any notes for that one. And in my notes are like. Kept Kimball Shake Milton is just getting destroyed, and meanwhile Marcus smart is over here to buy his harasses on. Jalen Brown. Josh Richardson is Josh Richardson is I'm sorry Josh Richardson is on Jaylen Brown Tobias Harris on Marcus smart like it was so easy to rearrange the puzzle pieces so that Josh Richardson would be on Kemba Walker as he was in game one, all it required was Tobias Harris Garden Jaylen, Brown. Now Jaylen Brown's a really good player who gets a little bit better off the dribble every year. Right but he's still a straight line player mostly he's still a straight line attack guy he does not strike fear into me quite yet attacking Tobias Harris. At a standstill in a pick and roll in the half court if Tobias Harris is not good enough to take that matchup in the half court if he's in fact, so ill equipped for it. Did you have to shake Milton just die out there die on Kemba Walker. Then you ever structural problem that is in deeper than thought they waited way too long to make that adjustment and the other thing is I'm watching this game my. Favorite lineup for them in Game One was Alec burks Josh Richardson Matisse Table Tobias Harris. Joel embiid. I. Don't even think it platelet might have played a minute last night Alec Burston come into the game until they were eight minutes left in the second quarter. How will metal came in before him? I'm watching this game cooling Alec. burks news like did I did he get in a car accident on the winning or can even drive the golf? Only doing accident what happened Al I just I don't think bread press the right buttons last night I thought he pressed the wrong and that makes me sad to say because I do think he's a good coach but last night was not a good game. I mean to your point about Brown I mean Braun doesn't really mean he gets his offense on the flow of their office, right? Like he's not even a guy there's is a featured. Part, I, it speaks well of him right and he's able to generate offense on secondary actions and whatnot right? It's you know harass you have a guy like Harris because Theoretically that size that body that skillset hey, he's a he's a one or two through four Gyn probably can tread water at the five know against a certain teams but yeah. I look I'm probably a little bit more charitable because I dislike what's He GonNa? Do I mean like I said I don't I don't think anyone else's puzzle by now and again an all NBA level player is not playing. That's devastating to any team. I thought last night to where a couple of pretty obvious things that were not done. And berks wasn't great last time he had a wonderful is one of eight. You'd WanNa be but like. You Know Look Philly for the affiliate in the playoffs to sixteenth in threes and there's only two games and twelfth and shots at the rim that by the way not GonNa win nine total fast-break points. For a team that doesn't shoot Khanjani that stuff you just need a little octane you gotta again eat at the margins and they had one fast break point in forty eight minutes one. In Boston has the best transition defense in the league according to our friend..

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