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Brown, Black Female League, Steve Urkel discussed on Brown Girl Radiance Podcast


Are timeless. Actually you know what? Even if there's some other shows that we look at but we may be a focal point of some of the Black Female League or go back to like family matters writing in Laura kind of how her care guerrillas. -Ation it was. Kinda you know is like anybody right. There's different aspects to you. You know I would probably early on in that theories I'm just harping on it because I recently watched it but you know earlier on. When she was young she was probably some people would want to attribute the B word to you know theory typically and she was kind of a smart you know Alec in. She had quickly things to say. And then as she matured she started to then being exposed to two different things. You know there was the issue that they had that one time where a classmate wrote the the racial slur on our on our Walker and you know the fact. They were ahead of their time. They even had the issue about Eddie being sapped by the police officers and Carl's response to that so this little go outside okay okay. It wasn't all about Steve Urkel. Sometimes that's true. That's that's an excellent point. It's it was very timely for the nineties for stores on again. I appreciate you being on the show and look forward to getting back and Brown ratings for gas. I would love to come back. Thank you thank you so much for listening. If you enjoyed this episode of Brown Girl Radiance podcast. Please share with a friend so that we can continue to celebrate and shine together. Brown girl radiance. Podcast is available on Apple podcast. Google podcast spotify tune in radio cast box IHEART radio and Pandora if you WANNA stay connected to. Brown grow radiance podcast. You can follow me on Instagram at Brown girl. Podcast gives you three email me at Brown grow. Radio PODCASTS AT G MAIL DOT COM.

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