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There there's no lack of interesting stuff housing for sure kevin. Hey i appreciate your time man. I know i know you do a great job over there. And i really appreciate what you do with the with colorado and currency as you and thank you for stopping by and chatting with us this morning and and let's hope something teaches overseas you. Thanks for having me to enter good talking to you appreciate it. That's kevin lionel with the colorado in carol little reserve there. It's it's tough. It's tough when you have to walk that line of you know dealing with the people who get you access to this. And then adagio randomly blows up. And it's just it's just a whole whole mess. It really is. It's a mess. And i don't see getting any better and i'll say it. I think adagios should be fired. Only does you should have been hired. She she was bad really bad. And now you've got other programs in the state that are starting to pull away see you they. I don't care if you say you know. I don't believe in moral victories. That was a great moral victory for zeal. You see absolutely rolled forty five to thirteen. And here's the biggest thing. We know that college football always struggles with this. The denver broncos played really well and they got to win and when that happens football attention turns to strictly the broncos. So see as you've got the they can't lose step with with these other programs in the state ten seventeen the time want to say thanks to desert pending or esp realty. Gets you into your right home. The one that you've been looking for the one you've been dreaming about since you were a little kid your forever. Home as desert pending or does it esp realty for any locations around northern colorado. She'll get you into that house Desert pending your esp realty. Let's get a break when we come back on the other side carter. Martin joins me with the. Unc bear the unc. Bears quarterback sits down and talks about a huge win for the pairs last week. And what that was all about. Don't miss it right here on north dakota's voice one or three point one at thirteen ten kfi..

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