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Increasingly becoming an anachronism so we need to look at a new. Different way of getting our, kids the education they're going to need, to be able to get the jobs? That are going to exist? In the future which is rapidly changing due to exponential? Technologies in fact one of the byproducts. Of exponential technologies is better health longer I mean look at your age and. Look at your health and compare that to your grandparents when they were as old as you are now you're a lot healthier than they were of course. You are. And now, project yourself into your, eighties and nineties you will be far healthier in your, eighties then your grandparents ever were assuming they ever. Made it that long which they chances are did, not so that means if you're going to be living longer, and healthier you're going, to want to be in the workplace longer right partly because you're gonna need the money partly because you're gonna want to stay involved and engaged and give back and all that kind of good. Stuff but the TransAmerica center for retirement studies just came out with a survey, and they found that seventy percent of employers call themselves aging friendly in the workplace they are they say they love, older workers seventy percent of America's employers say. We love, older workers but seventy percent of them also say that age Seventy is quote too old to work You cannot be serious yeah that's unfortunately true and only twenty percent of employers are offering phased retirement programs for employees who, would like to slowly transition into retirement half of workers. Say that's how they plan to retire they're. Going to quit cold Turkey one, day going. From forty hours a, week two, zero they're going to slowly you know slow down and. Begin to mentor and train their replacement and over a few years segue out of the business slowly and orderly fifty percent say. They want to, do with that way probably you too but only twenty. Percent of employers offer such a program so it means that you're going to have to stay able to work in an. Environment where employer isn't gonna want. You I'm gonna. Give you one idea it's called Rhody this is a website. That pays you to drive your car It's simple as that roadway says you know what there are people who have. Packages that. Have to get two point eight. Appoint bay you're going there anyway so why not take the package with you, and we'll give you eighty percent of the fee we, charge the company that needed. The package taken their recruiting drivers all. Over, the country and. All you do they hook you up with their algorithms you simply tell them where you're going and they'll say great, here's a package we need you to take you're going. There anyway and all of a sudden that. Long road trip is free in, fact you. Bet you're getting paid, to do, it Rhody is just one of ten thousand websites that. Allow you to make money doing what you're doing anyway or doing what you're good at doing anyway it's called the gig economy..

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