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O San Francisco San Jose, Oakland, a cumulus station. From ABC News, I'm Mark remould, former vice president Mike Pence is sure to face questions about his possible presidential aspirations as he visited the Iowa state fair this week. The former vice president now signaling that he might cooperate with the January 6th committee. Is it ever any formal? Invitation rendered to us, we did a due consideration. Pence's Iowa appearance coming as congresswoman Liz Cheney in an interview with ABC's John Carl, urged him to testify. Everyone who has information has an obligation to step forward. So I would hope that he will do that. Pence isn't the only potential presidential candidate hitting the stump. Florida governor Ron DeSantis also campaigned with Republicans Friday in Ohio and Pennsylvania. That's a VC's Avery Harper in Iowa. More U.S. aid is coming to Ukraine, The Pentagon says the U.S. will send another $775 million in military aid to the country that will include drones, howitzers, armed armored vehicles, and more. Jurors in Los Angeles hearing testimony in a lawsuit brought by the wife of late basketball star Kobe Bryant, Vanessa Bryant is suing Los Angeles County over the release of photos from the site of the helicopter crash that killed her husband and teenage daughter Gianna. One officer admitting in court expressing regret that he showed those photos to a bartender, attorneys for Los Angeles County though have argued that deputies and firefighters had official reasons for taking those photos on site, adding that all of those images taken by force responders were deleted. That's ABC's Morgan Norwood. A federal judge in Georgia has denied an effort by senator Lindsey Graham to delay

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