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You're with WTO, 19 lane. This is WTO P news. Along the way to report detailing accusations of child sexual abuse involving the Catholic archdiocese of Baltimore going back 80 years has now been released this week. The Maryland attorney general's report details what it calls a long history of widespread abuse and systemic cover up by clergy and others in the archdiocese of Baltimore. Allegations of child sexual abuse date back to the 1940s, Maryland attorney general Anthony Brown released the nearly 500 page report that includes a list of 157 names, ten of them redacted of priests and other archdiocese personnel described as abusers. Also included in the report names of priests who served in the archdiocese of Baltimore, but were found to have committed sexual abuse outside of Maryland, including in Washington, D.C., and Virginia, in a response to the report Baltimore archbishop William Lori said it details a quote reprehensible time in the history of the archdiocese and offered what he called his most earnest apology, Kate Brian, WTO news. I'm Mike Morello. Today is a great day. David Lorenz leads the survivors network for those abused by priests and says one reason for that is the report's release shows when it comes to the Catholic Church. They no longer have the legislature in their pocket. He says looking over the report. It's just overwhelming to see page and in turn a page and then turn the page and turn a page again and see that many abusive priests and the destruction that they've leveled in their wake. And while it's tough to read the details, he says for survivors. There was a sense of relief, right? Finally, an institution believes us, Mike Morello, WTO news. And other news is being called a minor mishap at the leafs work executive airport this morning, Virginia state police say a small private aircraft was coming in for a landing with the aircraft to get it off the runway and into the grass, neither the pilot nor the passenger on board were hurt. The federal aviation administration has

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