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And the plasmatics in there. Okay punk rock. It's gotta be represented. Right can't wait for all that the comments with the ramones in you put the ramones in of course so he's waiting wendy williams and the plasmatics to all the ramones accomplished a lot. More than wendy williams did maybe maybe well then what about the sex pistols. We got one more spot here and they think accomplish more than even the romans did. No maybe not as far as like longevity or quality. I mean some people might argue that i prefer prefer the ramones but at the time when punk rock was at its peak the sex pistols were the peak band poster. Boys if you had to choose between the sex pistols and the clash who are both still available. I would choose a sexist all right then going to choose the sex pistols to mostly because i thought the clash were really nothing more than a ramones. Rip off man when they started. I can see that the clashes pretentious punk rock and don't winter. And then when they changed with like our london calling combat rock. I just i hate it seemed so snooty wall no problem there because in two thousand five. We've inducted iron. Maiden def leppard michael schenker group wendy williams and the plasmatics and the sex pistols and guess what the sex pistols are actually going to come to our rock and roll hall of fame. Celebration no problem. They're not gonna turn us down and say it's an honor to be in your rock and roll hall of fame shankar. Alright we're moving up. That takes us to two thousand six. We got five spots available and in two thousand six bunch of bands. We've already inducted black. Sabbath blondie leonard skinner and the sex pistols the only ones still available that they inducted that year. The king of jazz miles davis okay. Rock and roll eligible in two thousand six hanoi. Iraq's duran duran whitford. Saint homes kicks the stray cats and motley crue pretty easy i think molly crew goes in first. You're eligible.

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