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It's this huge sweeping declaration of law enforcement in the UK, and it's really negative pisses a lot of people in the institution off the term institutional racism. Racism was first coined, and I use in nineteen, sixty seven in the book black power. The Politics Liberation and Sir William McPherson defines it as quote, the collective failure of an organization to provide an appropriate and professional service to people because of their color, culture or ethnic origin it could be seen or detected in processes, attitudes and behaviour, which amount to discrimination through prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness and racist stereotyping, which disadvantage minority ethnic people so out that whole definition becomes like huge talking point. Yeah, he just puts it right on the paper their. Noble McPherson puts forward a total of seventy recommendations that are designed to show zero tolerance for racism and to improve practices within the met, and they include measures that would transform you know the whole attitude of police towards race relations and also improve accountability. And the response of the government is like Otit sorry about that and the Home Secretary Jack Straw. who had called for this inquiry? He accepted the charge of institutional racism and he's like Yeah, it's not just in the police. He says quote any long established white dominated organization is liable to have procedures, practices and a culture which tend to exclude non white people. Yeah, he also said that some truths were uncomfortable, but they had to be confronted. Within two years sixty seven, the reports recommendations led to specific changes in practice or in the law in UK sixty seven to seventy, the recruitment retention and promotion of black and Asian officers and the creation of the independent police complaints. Commission that has the power to appoint its own investigators is created, and as a result of this report, the entire force enacted huge change from the top down the. The report even made recommendations to change in the national curriculum, so they wanted to change the correct the curriculum of the UK that would prevent racial prejudices and foster culture of diversity, as well as saying that racist incidents in school should be reported to people's parents. and a record should be published by each school every year like we should. They should be held accountable for it. And it was noted that especially they needed to reestablish the trust between the minority ethnic communities and the police. Wow, so this is great, but still no one being held responsible for actually murdering Stephen and all five men. Still Walk Free and some of those crimes are racially motivated. Just showing the they're continuing. You know they're probably cocky about it now and flaunting they fucking thing they got away with. Yes got away with it four time. But in two thousand five as part of the recommendation of the McPherson report, here's okay ready for this. The Rule of double jeopardy is repealed. Get entirely. It's repealed in murder cases, and it's decided that a person acquitted of murder could be brought to trial again on the basis that fresh and viable new evidence comes to light, so the Lawrence's were like this is our fucking chance..

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