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I wasn't having them. I was on the pink hair and you were on the radio, but I was I was an outcast kid. I was the you know, I was the kid from the John Hughes movie, you know, I'm a bit more kind of like Derek, you know, punk rock music pink hair, you know more just crazy stuff to school all the time had a punk rock band, you know, whatever just lived life just do whatever song. To do and I failed out of school. I was actually kicked out of school because I've tried to yeah, so we were goofballs. We did as much as we could to kind of tries to school but there was one didn't kick me out for this reason, but I know this is why but during they have, you know, the schools elect presidents and whatever stuff and they kind of have like a school colors like ours were purple and white cells the purple team and the white team. Yeah party. I mean we had the black party and we tried to elect serial killers to school. So we post Flyers everywhere of like, you know, elect Ted Bundy Ted Bundy all these people and we keep on putting them up and I had a friend of mine who was in the newspaper and she actually put some things down for people to vote and we actually got down 2% of the vote the black party got 2% of the vote and no one knew who it was no one can prove it but the principal had an idea and so he was basically a searching for reasons to kick me out of school. And then he just found it and that loophole and booted me which was awesome. Cuz you know Albert, let's go to high school. You're eighteen and full of life. Were you were you a senior at that point would not get invited not to come back. Yeah. Yeah and then being grades. He's just like well you might as well just leave and you're not going to graduate anyway, and I'm like whatever by so but yeah his son ended up telling me the real reason why well a year later both the real reason because I tried to elect serial killer. Oh, of course that's outraged do U GE up or are you a straight up drop up after school? I read a book called on the road by Jack Kerouac and actually funny enough. I had three very close friends died in three different ways and at that same time. It was really transitional time in my life, and I didn't want to go to school. I didn't want a traditional job. I wanted to Just live life, you know and do my thing and I was I was a I was a dishwasher at the time at a restaurant and I was having I read restaurant jobs. And so what I did is I basically stuck in restaurants because I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted to do. I can make good money and then travel or I can get good money and play and play music which I was into at the time and I just wanted to live life. I just wanted to you know, cuz you know when you lose friends like that at a young age, it's kind of traumatic and I didn't want to you know, I just kind of it putting things in perspective for me. How are these friends testing away? My good friend Sean died of a brain aneurysm one night. He went sleeping on the couch and never woke up. My friend Shannon died of a heroin overdose and my friend Dave shot himself with a shotgun in his bathtub within a few years of each other reading that book. This is a very transcending time. So it's just like, you know, I'm not going to you know, I'm not going to you know this that's just it kind of think that life is short man. You don't got a lot of time to do stuff. If you look at it, you know, we don't have a lot of time here. We don't have a lot of things to do, you know if he can if we want to but we choose not to and that was kind of my Creed growing up is I just wanted to you know, I wanted to get as much as I could done in the time that I was given, you know, so very odd. What's what's the movie Ferris Bueller, you know status. Are there the guy with the brain aneurysm that's something that you don't see coming obviously, but the other two guys like the one that died of a heroin overdose was he into drugs or was that something new? So I mean did you anticipate that all you know, that's the guy that's going to die of a heroin overdose kind of a thing. Yeah, we knew it. What about the black guy that shot himself with a gun was he a depressed individual was he also on drugs? He was depression at the time was wasn't serious. It wasn't taken. Seriously. This is the early nineties still not home. It's not and it was worse than and he would run around and complain. I'm going to kill myself and this and this and he had all these problems and he was man he was shouted from the rooftops and we're just like, oh Dave's just, you know, being a big boy back in for attaching exactly and we no one took him seriously and when he did it it was looking back now. It was a huge shock and it shouldn't have been you know, cuz he was he was managing might as well. Just rent it on the wall every everywhere he went, you know, so looking back on that. Now you kind of regret it that you could have done something especially cuz you called me that day and I didn't want to answer cuz it frankly didn't want it to talk to him here and cry about whatever it was and should have probably the time he needed to cry the most do you think about that at all other than just like talking about it right now does suck haunt you in any way it used to it did for a really long time again, it kind of translated itself into You know the perspex the perspective, you know, like why are we here? What what's the purpose am I going to go to college and get a degree and work my ass off and never do anything with it, you know and that's how it would that's how it would kind of manifest itself. I don't think about it anymore. I don't doesn't bother me any more. I sometimes will go down cuz I have some people, you know family and stuff. We're Davis and I'll stop by and stuff comes up and it's it's different again it translates to a perspective. You know, I've done a lot in that time and all those tragedies have helped Elevate me to where I am, and I'm really happy with where I am. So it's all stuff that building blocks in your life. You know, it worked out sadly when you're growing up what kind of a food song are you at at home and and experiencing around you that maybe starts the building blocks to where you end up here with barbecue. Well, when I grew up we grew up everyone was a farmer. My grandparents were farmers. They own very large Farms my grandpa my grandpa raised Piedmont cattle grass-fed, which was weird at the time and my other grandfather just had a normal, you know cows and pigs and stuff like that so dinner there and and my mom and dad wanted me to you know, work and feel that way make some of my Summers were spent there working with them on the farms and eating the food was amazing, you know, you would eat the food from the garden you'd eat the food from the the the cows, you know that they're in my mom and dad would buy it from them and we grew up really, you know, eating that kind of stuff my mom. She cooked really well. My dad was a really good cook. They cooked of people through like goulash, you know, all that stuff whatever we put together tacos, but you could have a couple days dude. Yeah when that friggin stock pot set up. All right. Yep. I'm not eating good lunch in the next few days. Yeah, so we grew up in that kind of environment where we have good cook surrounding us. It was.

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