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The I know arrests have been reported Airbnb operators could soon be facing new restrictions within Cincinnati city limits. The budget finance committee will consider an ordinance today that requires anyone who offers short term rentals to register with the city and prove that the unit meets all building and housing coats. The measure would also give the city the right to pull the permit. If there is history of disturbances at the site. The owner of the Airbnb will also have to charge a seven percent excise tax on all rentals, which would go into a special fund for city use frustrations continue to build for the reds as the ball. Club has now dropped eight games in a row losing to the pirates yesterday seven to five the game getting out of hand in the fourth inning. When pirates pitcher Chris Archer through intentionally at Derek Dietrich causing a bench clearing brawl which ended in five objections from the game was rightfully upset that one of our players was intense. Thrown out, and you know, anything can happen. You throw a ball somebody? They could be hurt. They could be injured very severely, and it's unacceptable. We will never tolerate that manager David bell after the game. Still waiting to hear word on any possible suspensions after yesterday's brawl. The reds do of the day off today before returning to great American ballpark tomorrow night to take on the Miami Marlins on Wall Street, the Dow currently down one hundred fifty seven points, while the NASDAQ is dropped thirty three s and p off Ted our next update at ten thirty Makino News Radio seven hundred wwl double bluecross blueshield.

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