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Radio people tell us this stuff works here's Ernie writing to me who's actually teaches and plays golf in Dover Delaware he found this purity joint formula and we're telling you it works miracles for him why because purity is not only taking the HA but they've taken a brand new substance called Hydroxycut taken from all is that Pat you notice you can put a bowl of olives on your table and a year later come back and except for a little bit of shrinkage due to just the loss of moisture they're very stable they're still there they didn't shrivel up and waste away due to fungal contamination so there's something very strong in all as we've known it for a long time Dr Roberto Correa and Italian researchers now here in this country doing some research on hydroxy Tyrus all extracted from always and found out that it does some of the same things that the molecules do the trigger like estrogen does the production of HA so we began to think why don't we combine this wonderful strong antioxidant from all if indeed these new eighteen joint formula you know we're getting results like we've never seen before this is why build writes to us this year thing I'm taking a T. for my knees it's done wonders for my joints so we get these letters from people there unsolicited you see this is the kind of thing we hear and of course they're astounded with that they just can't believe it here someone writing to me this is that Dr Kelly saying he looks like a man that's thirty years younger and he says people can't even believe this level of fitness and youthful appearance and he says I tried to tell him it's just the H. a formula in the course he sent us pictures on the internet how fit he looks for his age and you're going to look a little younger because when you were young you had a lot of this now this stuff works fairly quick much faster than Blue Cross to me and it's all safe all natural it's purities H. eight joint formula and Pat most of the people who write to me or call me or not people who regularly fall for you might say radio commercials they don't buy stuff off the radio they just out of desperation knowing nothing off work thought they'd take a risk well there is no risk that day thirty product wants you to get this new HA joint formula risk free and you can get a bottle of this new wonderful H. eight joint formula why would somebody do that because they know people who tried if they hate it really worked for me that's why they want people to try hold that thought I'm gonna give up this special five dollar trial offer here again our guest bill sorry let me read this.

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