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To be in an NFL locker room as a wide receiver. Being an R and B and soul fan. I could I could just imagine the kind of music you got to listen to every day. Oh, yeah. You probably were the only white guy in in that room. I'm guessing Was there another one? Another one. Another white wide receiver on your team. Keith Wright was there for a couple of years. Good little receiver out of Memphis State. It was a kick returner. Good hands. Really good player, but not for the most part. No. Yeah. So you got to. I mean, that's a little before your time in the NFL, but I'm sure You got to hear some really good music. Oh, from their lot. Yeah, yeah, late 17. I mean, that was kind of when I mean funk, even though Funk was before that I mean, late seventies were disco days. I remember those days. Those are interesting. Yeah, Good times. Yeah. Great oldies. Cool one. Oh, five. Me Good hook for a radio station Did Fred in Denver on cable news radio. What's up, Fred? Not much, but how about yourself Pretty good. Haven't living the dream today Living the dream. Yeah. And you're in it. Yes, We are So talking about pair athletes, Wild man. There. You have to hand out about 100 each athlete when they go to Beijing. Mm. You just went from being Australian to country like 15 seconds. Seems like he's trying to disguise his voice, baby. Yeah, Yes, you did. Oh, wow. Maybe I'm from the out. Uh oh. Welcome The country. Yeah, Way out back right in the country. Yeah. There you go. Oh, yeah. They got some stories you get if you can imagine, though. Shit. Oh, okay. We had to drop you there for that. Yeah, Fred, we can't. Did you jump that one? I did. You know, that always happens when grants not sitting there. I hit it. I hit the jump. Good one. Thank you, Fred. We all need a dump every time when you're walking around, and we also need a job. Uh, yeah. Yeah. So he did change his didn't didn't sound you did. He's trying to start with. And then he was from Lubbock. Yeah, with the mate 12. Seconds into it any one country on us. Uh, 97388 curious. Do you think the Olympics will make it all the way or shut down for Covid spread not certain How many Spectators will be allowed the answer. That is none. And he continues, assuming all athletes in any staff or other support people TV etcetera have to have the vaccination thoughts. They do, um, got a friend of mine that is going to go to Tokyo covered the Olympics and That was part of the deal. You have to be vaccinated. So I I don't know. I mean, I would think they're starting. Uh, what I say July 23rd. Through August 8th. I think they have a chance to make it through, especially with no fans. I think so, too. I would assume most of them are probably all of them are vaccinated. As part of the protocol to think I think it's mandatory. 719361. Rick, This is for you, Rick. Did you say wide receiver or white receiver? Ha ha! I said white. And there and I meant it. Yeah, you know, Dave, that you know white wide receivers in the NFL. There's not a lot of them. We can say that there weren't many in the room that looked like me. That's a fact. Which may be good, but it did sound like wide receiver, didn't it? Yeah, Who's saying that song Michael Henderson? You're wide receiver Michael Henderson. Got a hit receiver. You know what? And I was a big Michael Henderson fan. That was not one of my favorite songs. He did. I don't know what else he did He, uh what? She did a lot of ballads. He did, um you are my starship. Remember that one with a singing Norman Connors sing it to me and and me And my voice is shot. Is that man True? Greg could pull up. Ur My starship by NORMAN Congress Michael Henderson. He did that he'd be my girl. Um, I probably wouldn't know him. If I would. I was I loved him. He was on a Detroit Here's.

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