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The Lakers have outscored nuggets twenty three to eight inexplicably in the fourth quarter. This is the most humiliating. Performance I've ever seen in my life by an NBA team up twenty they were twenty. They were up twenty at the end of the third and they have scored eight nine points. Now it's twenty nine hit a free throw. There's a four minutes left 353 laugh they're gonNA go to time timeout it's a four point game. They've they've whittled away sixteen of the twenty and they had a three ball. Pope shot to tie it. He he break it. But legs dominated the fourth quarter dominated and they did it was steals I have to look at it to believe it right I just can't even believe it. The nuggets have seventeen turnovers Lakers fifteen. So I guess it's Kinda even there but how about twenty, one, nine and fast-break points? Fifty eight forty six in paint points. and. It's just unbelievable. Eleven steals for the Lakers. And it's just crazy. So the nuggets are nine, hundred, twenty, seven from downtown. The Lakers are six at twenty, three from downtown. All right before the game comes back and we watch the nuggets choke. Carver high what happened to the phillies tonight they got swept in that double header. Has the worst. Embroiled. Series. Or like one the worst baseball sixty game season they've been awful. Dated them the night in the phillies. Well, they started the day. And they're gonNA end it out now. They're out right now they are behind Milwaukee is passed them tonight. So Milwaukee is in that last spot in the National League now just an embarrassing job by the Phillies who Believe it or not. Scotty they look we talked about the first game during coast to coast. They lost that one they would ever even in the second team. They got down again early. They come back they tied the game. Two extras they take the lead in extras, and then their garbage bullpen gives up a two run walk off to the nationals in the bottom of the eighth. Honestly just embarrassing performance by the phillies. Why am I so upset about it? Because as you know, I've got Plato to make the playoff tickets on the phillies I've got a lot of you know couple of. Props on the phillies and I'm extremely annoyed now that they can't beat the nationals a couple of times. This week to get themselves in the playoffs when every team is under five hundred here at the bottom in the national league bothers me. Scotty. Yeah and Rondo just got a call on a baseline. He's gone to the line they every time down the Lakers, go to the line and the nuggets when they go down, they had to be martyred. To get a call. All right. So the dodgers are up six two on the as. The padres are down three one of the angels in the vitamin, the seven, the diamondback seven nothing over the Rangers in the Seventh Astros six, win over the mayor's seventh giants to nothing in the fifth over the Rockies, the Yankees one twelve to one over the jazz. I guess it's important to see what the twins dead they won five four in ten innings over the tiger. So the twins keep the four spot. Yogi stay in the five cardinals beat the royals five nothing covered that twins one covered that mets beat the raise five to braves over the marlins eleven one brewers three two of the reds that was a huge win by the. Brewers for sure that got him into the playoff spot at least for the night. And then Indians five three over the white sox in ten. That was my top play I got burned on the phillies both games red sox I hit eight three over the orioles. The pirates upset the cubs three to. There you go. That's everything in baseball four point game nuggets with the ball just under three left, it'll be the longest three minutes of their life. It really will because I've never seen anything like how they're struggling to get a shot off. They can't even get a shot off. Turn it over again, I mean they. Get a shot off. The, that's how bad their trips are going down. The floor, they don't get a shot they turn it over every time. That's why the Lakers got back into the game because they all their trips didn't include a shot. On Three by coups, MMA. So the Lakers have struggled from downtown the entire game. If they would hit their threes, they'd be winning this game. But the nuggets can't get a shot. Let alone like a good possession they don't have anything. They can not a shot and nothing now Murray it's a three. Thank God for him. He's the only guy to get hit a shot. Now they're up seven to ten left. But seven points for the Lakers is IBM. down. One. Way They score how they score so quickly. And how they get calls like every time they go down to the basket they get a whistle every single time. Now, what are they gonNA call now they're gonNA call it. Are they calling another five dollars this? What is this call? Are they gonNA cost illegal screen on the Lakers I think they are I can't believe it I almost. I almost fell off her. Is that what they called her they ended time out. There's no illegal screen. There it was. No, it was Rondo through an album that hit. He hit. MILLSAPS face with his hand he's smashed. Yeah offensive foul. Up Answer he jumped him in the face with a hand and smacked him in the face. Nice Work Oscar selling it by MILLSAP. I I think the REF would have got it either way but millsap really sold. All on. It looked like Luis Suarez with a dive for Barcelona budget finally got transferred Athletico didn't he? Yes, they work that out today. So he was very upset that Barcelona backed off on that and you'll be Athletico Madrid next year or this year now. Shins made me sick I'll melt with the dunk. Now that's how you win the game. Now, they're up ninety, nine, one, hundred, ninety, nine, they're up nine..

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