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Let's dive into the theory that oliver cromwell's head took a bizarre three hundred year journey before being reburied in sixteen sixty one oliver cromwell had been dug up and his remains showcase to the world as a warning his body tossed into a mass grave and his head placed on a pike is gruesome tale to say the least for twenty five years oliver cromwell's heads stood grotesque and decayed atop a pike on westminster abbey during that time the head was only removed once for roof maintenance before immediately being placed back in its spot it was at charles the seconds behest that the head remain unmoved a symbol for cromwell ian and republic sympathizers that the crown was back in charge what follows is a story put together from various accounts of one man's heads three hundred year journey but was the head found three hundred years later re really cromwell's or perhaps was it someone else's either way it all began with the storm sometime between sixteen eighty five and sixteen eighty nine a terrible storm hit westminster as rain and thunder pelted the warned building cromwell's pike started to give the tip of the pike with cromwell's heads snapped off and tumbled away following the realization that cromwell's head was missing from its perch a massive hunt and sued posters and pamphlets were issued with the promise of reward yet nothing ever turned up cromwell's head was lost or was it well it's unclear exactly what happened anecdotal evidence suggests that the head was in fact found specifically by a guard at westminster though his name is lost at time it is said that this unnamed guard took the head back to his home remember his head was embalmed so the flesh would have been more mummified than decayed not that that makes the guard taking the head any lifts disturbing rumor had it the guard who found cromwell's head was a secret republic sympathizer and cromwell fan the guard feared the head would fall back into the hands of the crown and put back on display so he hit the head in his chimney where it remained until the year seventeen ten that's macab why not take the head to cromwell's descendants or even his daughter with her secret tomb excellent questions keep in mind this is more anecdotal than proven could be he didn't know about the secret tomb.

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