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Ohio State University, along with Archie Griffin to time Heisman Trophy winner I bleed scarlet and gray. I've missed Ohio State football. I like to say that Saturdays or spent without the Buckeyes curled up on the kitchen floor in my pajamas. In the fetal position, but the Buckeyes are back. They host The Nebraska Cornhuskers at noon tomorrow at Ohio Stadium, and here to talk to us about it. The voice of the Buckeyes Paul Keels, Paul, How are you doing? Undo it. Good chick. How you doing? Fantastic. And now that Ohio State football is back, it was on it was off its back again in Paul. I can honestly say I can pick myself up off the kitchen floor from the fetal position in my pajamas. Now that Ohio State football was back. Gosh, we're, uh we're a week away. Well, I think I'm glad to get you off the ledge and that you get a good position to enjoy. Yes, we all are thrilled that it happened when it looked like it wasn't gonna happen, And now we just hope that everything comes off if there are any interruptions of their men Ryan Day has admitted that it's just been brutal, watching Ah, whole bunch of the other country play football and not Ohio State, and he called this a once in a lifetime football team. Man. Everybody's just eager for this thing to start. Correct, Paul correct and a lot of it because of the anticipation of what this chief, you know, last year team the success everybody knows about winning the fiction championship getting to the playoffs. The season ended with a bad taste losing to cleanse and the way the game was played the way it ended with some of the controversial calls as well as Ohio State's inability to take advantage of Channel three red zone possessions first half and into the big field goals rather than touchdown. A lot of optimism about what this team Khun duo on the field offensively defensively special teams, and that was probably the most frustrating part when they thought it wasn't going to be a season that that's what you get into the excitement that there was Paul keels with US the voice of Ohio State University. Athletics and Paul Got some players and I wouldn't have blamed them at all for not coming back with the NFL draft, you know, really so close in the spring, but they have come back. Some very, very key players, man bringing a lot of optimism to Buckeye Nation, and there were two of them that really people would've understood. They left after season. Why Davis and our all American offensive guard and Sean Wayto safety who's gonna play quarterback this year? Once the season was post home? They decided not to point on then, when the season was Granted back to everybody. They decided to come back. They will help US football team on the field. They will help this football chain from a standpoint of leadership, and it just adds to the optimism that they have a chance to very possibly do something special. And To have the Buckeyes all of a sudden thrust into what number six in the nation without playing it playing a down yet That's huge. Well, but let's keep in mind, too. But after the second week, they went completely out of the hold. Yes, they weren't playing and nobody knew if they were going to play the chick That's kind of what is going to be so unusual security in equal number of games, still not knowing how that's going to play with. You know, you hope that there's no postponements Big 10. Now with the starting when they are, there's no open week, so they have happened to them. What happened to the bear Cats, sweetie, and there's really no place to move the games. So it's just such a sensual A perspective to think about all of the things that we're going to play and not only determining Conference championship, completing a schedule. But how will the playoff committee view all of us deciding the four teams to play? But, yeah, it is kind of unusual name rank where they are without having played, but I think that's That's also in while it's so subjective when it comes to the polls and things like that, especially before season starts. It just shows you the regard that people have what this guy's 80 potentially chicken And we're talking a quarterback here for a minute. Man, you've got a good one. He's a special player, and we saw that in just one year last year, just field coming back for a second year, second year rap rushed day around the offensive coaching staff. I'm really having the ability to approve his kills a guy who can hurt teams running and throwing the football and this was a guy that could have decided to leave but least just to sit out and maybe even look to transfer. When the shooting was postponed, but he like so many of the other players. Really took a public stance and trying to campaign forces to help push the issue for the big 10 to reconsider attempting to play and he certainly has shown not only what he could It shone with his ability as a young man to help carry the messages. They've just shown What an impressive individual and a man snapping the ball to Justin Fields close personal friend of the chick stirs, but anyway, his family Josh Meyers, Miamisburg in Miamisburg High School, man really proud of this young man. And what a force he could be a center. Well, when you think about not only what he did last year, but what he could do this year. We're having Wyatt Davis next time a guard and you know, this is a team that lost but some key offensive lineman but have guys coming back not only just Josh Meyers, but why Davis Harry Miller, a true sophomore, who'll be the other guard spot their month who spent his early high school years of South high school before going back. And Nicholas Petit for air and they've got some young guys will help develop you there. So certainly what Josh Meyers has done it representing, you know the part of the state that you call home and then also Cincinnati. Guy's from my hometown. You know, when you think about Jake Hausmann for Moller, you think about it tight end to person on the planet from Shall you know those air guys Tehran Cage in the potential line from Winwood's terrorist Johnson. A Cincinnati true freshman who may get some serious. We're exploiting the offensive line. You know, you're in my part of the state or country very well represented at Paul Kills with us, the voice of the Buckeyes and Paul You know, how has the pandemic impacted you in your ability to see the team, see the players be around them, and that's got to be difficult. We're not able to see in it were not able to be around that little weird. We're not able to do any impersonators there all by telephone or by zoom and it's going to make what we do A little more challenging, But you know everybody in this industry. The National Hockey League announcers, the NBA announcers, the red guys, Tommy thrall of Jeff Brantley..

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