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Unemployment compensation payments from the state covert numbers today in Allegheny County and state wide or an improvement over last week's and the fire's still burning on that Navy ship in San Diego. We'll have more at seven on radio. Get a wrap up of today's activities on Wall Street of the Bulls and bears in this Bloomberg money, many report from Bloomberg Radio Radio. This is a Bloomberg money minute early optimism on Wall Street gave way to fear of a resurgence of covert 19 that Jones industrial Average gained 11. The S and P 500 fell 30 And as that composite lost 227 no pull back today from Moderna. It gained 14.5% after an analyst said the company's experimental vaccine for covert 19 could generate sales of over $5 billion a year. Pepsico shares also ended higher. It reported stronger than expected second quarter earnings is locked down, consumer scooped up It's salty, crunchy snacks, drinks, sales were weak his restaurant and grab and go. Gas station sales fell. Apple is readjusting operations is covert. 19 cases continue to climb. It's pushing retail employees to work remotely is some of its stores close again. It is also told staff in a memo that a full return to its offices Won't happen before the end of the year. Larry Kowski Bloomberg Radio actress Kelly Preston loses her battle with cancer from the entertainment Tonight newsroom in Hollywood. I'm Kevin Frazier. John Travolta is grieving the death of his wife, Kelly Preston, who died Sunday at the age of 57. Following a two year battle with breast cancer, Travolta said Kelly's love in life will always be remembered. The space suit from 2001. A space odyssey is one of the items up for bid Julian's auction house this Thursday. Also on the block is Kit the 1982 trans AM from the TV series Knight Rider. Celebrating an eating birthday today. Star Wars legend Harrison, 40 78. Star Trek. Next Generation Captain Patrick Stewart is 80 and which comedic actor is best known for his role Is Ben Chang on community that would be Can junk who today turns 51 we'll have all the latest celebrity news on the next TT. This report brought to you by progressive insurance. Quoting home insurance just got.

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