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Both of you back to fresh air. I love this album. There's so much joy in that recording that we just heard. I know the song from the Rhythm Boys and Paul White men, which had the original recording, I think, unlike 1929, How did you choose it for the album 11 of the songs we did on board? Well, campfire was something that being Crosby had done, and it's tough when you go up against arguably The greatest male jazz vocalist of all times. But for some reason, I don't know why, Vince, we decided that to take a crack at it. Well, it's It's just a fun, uplifting song, and it's not one of those songs that everyone has done. No one has done this since the rhythm boys did it back in the Late twenties, early thirties. No. One Not that I thought that I know of. If anyone would know you would know. I'm sure of that. So describe this project for us. What's the back story of how you two got together to record this album of music from the twenties and thirties? Well, the first time that Vince and I worked together, I was on a Martin Scorsese movie called The Aviator, his Howard Hughes Bio pic, and we sang songs in that movie. Uh and, uh, And that was spent time in Montreal doing that. And in a recording studio, and that was fun. And then is a zoo You mentioned we we worked on Boardwalk Empire. S so we have a bit of a back story. And then this fella call Randy Poster or Randall poster as he likes to be called and at our old buddy Stuart Lierman. Who goes to our guys produced this record, But they had this idea that Vincent, I should actually do and out the whole album together. And when that idea was floated, I kind of thought, Yeah, that'll happen. Then it happened. So it was kind of a wonderful, very happy experience that started out with those guys. Randy and Stuart thinking that it would be a cool thing for us to make a record together. Vince, you play this kind of music all the time. But Loudon, I don't associate music from the twenties and thirties to with you unless it's kind of, you know, like folk Country ish. Music like your Charlie Poole project. So where does this music fit in your musical life? You know, my dad had a great record collection. It was eclectic. It had Folk music and jazz, a lot of Broadway musicals. But I grew up listening to that that stuff and a lot of the songs that that wound up on this record, you know. You rascal, you more. I cannot wish you. Um I got them directly from from hearing them as an eight year old, you know, in Westchester listening My dad's spin these these vinyl records. Some people hate their fathers music, but you liked it. I did like it. You know, he loved music and tow. Watch him be enthralled by this great material was It was thrilling for me as a little kid, You know, so I I Aziz. You mentioned it. It's a lot of it is very happy, although some of it is Melancholy and sad. But its overall it's It's very wonderful, joyful music, I'd say. I like that. You're not trying to like, sing in period. You're just singing in your voice, and it sounds so great. I kind of saw it as an acting job not to do an imitation of being Crosby butt or some something like that. But it just seeing it in my voice, but somehow emotionally inhabit the material. So we asked if you would be willing to perform a couple of songs for us. So you each brought your instruments and you're in a recording studio right now. So, um Did you play Ain't Misbehavin for us and Vince, I think you'll be playing Tuba and Loudon, you actually brought a guitarist with you, David Mansfield, so he'll be featured on guitar. S o. You want to say anything about why you chose ain't Misbehavin? Well, I mean so many people love this song of Fats Waller, you know, was course a great entertainer and His songs. It's It's a great little vehicle, and then people really relate to it. You know, when they're settling down with one person, that's it. I mean, it ain't Misbehavin. We're gonna I'm just gonna hang with you, dear. And of course, it was revived in stormy weather, and I don't know it's it's just a beautiful tune that to play and sing and let's give credit to the lyricist Andy Raza. And also say that you know one of the things I like about the song hearing. It now is that it's really about being alone. You know, because you're lovers away, but we're We're so much of We're spending so much time alone or relatively alone right now, Even if we're alone with others, it's not a lot of Socializing for a lot of us. So why don't you play ain't Misbehavin for us. The song is on the album. But this is Vince Giordano and Loudon doing a life for us with a guitar assist by David Mansfield. 12300. It's a fickle Ege with flirting all the ridge here is one bird with self control. Happy inside my cage. I know who I love Best thumbs down for all the rest. My love was given heart and soul. So and concerned that no one to talk with all by myself no one the walk win, But I'm happy on the shelf ain't Misbehavin I'm saving my love for you know, for certainly the one I love I'm through with flirt. It's just you I'm taking up ain't misbehaving saving my love for you..

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