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You all were riding me either saying, hey, love listening to. To you. Or just talking about how much you hated me. And it was it was it was truly a wonderful experience for my ego will all through the night people telling me negative things. It was great. But feel free to do it again today. I also we have James's Spencer back in the booth. I have to tell you guys something, you know, you play music leading into these segments in my correct about that. Yes. And I enjoy it in large part because you play songs that. I like, here's what you guys did not tell me, which is that. When you put it on the podcast, the music is not on the podcast. Yeah. That's yeah. Sorry about that. Well, here's the problem with that yesterday while we were doing this. I would sing the songs when we came back, and that's all well and good till you get to the podcast and the song is not on it. And I'm singing cappella Travis trip or that ain't much truck. And I don't I'll be honest with you. I don't sound very good. When you. Honestly, I thought that it was better that way. I'm going to keep that in mind for the music today if I get excited and I start singing on the podcast. It becomes just me cappella, and I have to tell you that is not. I don't think that's good for anybody. I I wish you wouldn't have learned that until today. Gotcha. Yeah. Because today you're going to be playing nineties one hit wonders that's what we're going with today. And I will sing a lot of those like when you at some point you're going to play I would assume breakfast at Tiffany's by deep blue something. And when you do I was going to sing it. Now, I'm less likely to because I'm worried that I'm worried what'll happen we have a lot of stuff to get to. But I want to start with this this broke I guess yesterday while. While we were on the air. But for some reason, I missed it. And then I saw last night. And that was the story that urban Meyer has been hired at Ohio State to teach a class on character and leadership, and I have to tell you I found this story more interesting because you a lot of you probably don't remember. But I do remember the last time I hosted the show was for a week. And it was I didn't entire week drew, and I had a lot of fun. And then at the very end of the week. I believe it was the last show. We did the morning of that show the urban Meyer story broke, and it was obviously a massive story. I don't have to repeat it. You all know what occurred, but it broke as I was hosting this. And all of a sudden it occurred to me. Oh my goodness. I. Have to do four hours on national radio about this reminder story, and that is not an easy thing to talk about is not easy to talk about. And in Brett mcmurphy did his first interview with ESPN ESPN affil- show. We lead the show talking to him. And so I was able to use some of my legal background and talk about it. But it was a very stressful for hours because it's a very delicate situation. We were learning information while we were on. So I have followed the urban Meyer saga intently in large part because of that day and hosting this show. So this morning when I see that he is going to. Teach a class on character. And leadership. I initially thought that has to be an onion article like there's no way. Then Ohio State University. That is a I think it's the second largest university in America and has not only this traditional football program. But more importantly, it is a really good state university. It's not just some football factory. It's a terrific university. There's no way that in two thousand almost nineteen..

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