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And i'm gary mcnamara thanks so much for being here this morning you know in the in eric in the peter struck a hearings yesterday i thought one of the good moments was when you had representative john ratcliffe in his line of questioning all right because it it it sort of mirrors what we had said earlier on the show of which goes to the point of in any investigation and when you get to the actual trial you know what does the public believe what does the jury believe do you come across as somebody who is telling us the truth are you being are you being a vase of is your story believable and this is part of the back and forth that went on between them i heard you say similar things last week i heard you say similar things today you said it very clearly you said it very unequivocally in your opening remarks that she never crossed that inviolable line and twenty six years earlier today in response to a question you said i took my personal belief out of every official action so you're asking us to believe that when you say things like f trump and stop trump and impeach trump that those are just personal beliefs and when you say those things you never crossed that line that bright inviolable line at allowed to impact your official conduct that's really what this comes down to that you're asking us to believe isn't it sir i'm asking you to believe that i'm offering you evidence jerry found that there's been no yeah act you don't have anywhere you have under oath been as clear as a bell on that you've said it over and over again and and because of that i'm almost embarrassed to ask you this question of the approximately fifty thousand text messages that i've seen with your personal beliefs like f trump stop trump impeach trump go ahead and confirm on the record that none of that occurred on an official fbi device or unofficial fbi time go do that sir no they did many of them did they do so so all right so what you really meant to say was that when you said you never crossed that bright inviolable line what you meant to say was except for fifty thousand times except for hundreds of times of day where i went back and forth expressing my personal opinions about effing trump and stopping trump and impeaching trump on official.

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