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Hour from townhall dot com. President. Massively for Catholic UN post a pair of tweets Friday night. President Donald Trump announced he has selected US ambassador to Canada Kelly craft to serve as the next US ambassador to the United Nations if confirmed Kraft would succeed, Nikki Haley statement, spokeswoman Heather Nauert was Trump's first choice to replace Haley withdrew from consideration last weekend. Trump was also considering US ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell and former US Senate candidate John James of Michigan. However, Trump has demoted the UN ambassador ship to sub cabinet rank and Brunell indicated he was not interested in a non cabinet role. Mike Rossier, Washington. President Trump says the special counsel's report will show he did not need Russian helped to win the presidency. The race because I was a better candidate than she was and had nothing to do with Russia. Mr. Trump added everybody knows it's a hoax. It's one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on this country. So I look forward to seeing the report if it's an honest report, it will say that. If it's not honest report at what Muller's reported the Russian investigation could be released in the next few weeks citing juror misconduct. The defense of the Chapo drug case in Brooklyn will seek a new trial. The filing comes two days after vice news report that jurors regularly followed news coverage of the trial despite the judge's instruction that they not walking. Guzman's attorneys say they will seek an evidentiary hearing to determine the extent of juror misconduct. The drug kingpin nicknamed El Chapo was convicted last week on charges likely to send him to prison for life. He used to be sentenced in June. The defense is asking a month's delay while it prepares.

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