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You guys could police each other like no one is really in the amateurs and then all of a sudden comes to the pros in their heavyweight is hard though on or take off a bunch of weight. I agree boxer has to be more a universal. Everything is to separate a separate commission. I mean just think about this. Have you ever seen the job. Will you determine in the drug testing in boxing. The fighters have to agree upon the drug testing just about that and football they they don't do that. You get tested you get busted you get suspended baseball basketball and your job and you got a civil service job you go in here you piss in a cup of hot thing when you get suspended from work washing the only sport where you tell them when you're gonna drug test when he's gonna stop drug testing and <music> who you want to drug test again so we need more universal rules in boxing. It's almost like a joke. Anybody can circumvent the rules in boxing and believe it or not this pensions don't have enough teeth because it's the sound level you what's every six months so suspicious in two hundred six months is no big deal especially with a retroactive suspension. Don't think these people don't i noticed these guys are smarter than i am. He's got all kinds of degrees in shape. They know this. They do it on purpose so so let let's say <hes>. Julian williams is fighting fighter a thirty six hours before the fight fight or something in his system is clear by a panel. We don't about insider eight years promoting team. Should it notified you even williams or just say oh. He got cleared so he can fight. No you should be notified or something to send somebody system. It should be up to the fight already know what let me take that back. It should be up to the fighter because here's the thing there's another problem. I got boxing fox's sometimes up to the fighter ready. He wants to fight. Not if ado was doing something right. It should be up to the fighter because most fighters at the top. I love you spend a lot of money and can't read you guys not not with the sparring partners paying for people playing tickets nutrition..

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